A New Vision for Lotus

March 18, 2015

"The anticipation of launching a fashion line is overwhelming and exciting. It’s been a labor of love for us at Lotus Premium Denim...[and] here we are, just three weeks away from announcing our product to the world. I hope that our jeans will make women everywhere smile with pure satisfaction. We wanted to design jeans that solved the problems many of us dreaded facing in the fitting rooms - horrible fits requiring alteration after purchase. Our jeans flatter your tush and elongate your legs in perfect length, right at the very start. Its such a simple need, but it’s surprising how poorly addressed it is in today’s jeans market. I’m thankful we are able to focus on this need and deliver the very first style (a slim straight fit) called “Inspire” to the world on November 19, 2011. The fabric is imported from Italy, and we’re proudly made in Los Angeles, denim capital of the world. Lotus Premium Denim is made to fit you, beautifully."

Hello friends,

The above blog post was written 3 and a half years ago, before we launched Lotus Premium Denim in November 2011 (you can see our first model Becca wearing the Inspire jeans in above photo). Back then, I had no idea where this journey would take us. And now here we are in 2015! I wanted to share that very first blog post because it depicts an incredible story of how a little women’s denim startup innocently enough manifested itself into a sisterhood of love for self and others.

When we launched Lotus, we focused solely on offering the perfect fit denim for women. From celebrity gift lounges, to trunk shows, pop up shops, trade shows,personal denim fittings, and a successful Kickstarter pre-order campaign, Lotus jeans have traveled all over the world, and so have we! We are the real life sisterhood of the traveling pants… jeans to be exact! :) And wow, what a blessing it’s been. Throughout the years, we’ve had the greatest pleasure meeting beautiful and inspiring women who’ve worn Lotus jeans and have added so much life and depth to the brand story.

As our branding evolved, I noticed that aspects of the Lotus philosophy started to instinctively integrate into my personal life. In writing these newsletters and blogs, giving talks, and sharing the Lotus story, it organically became an outlet of self expression for me as well as everyone on the Lotus team. Matters deep within my heart which dealt with change, health, forgiveness, and detrimental habits were confronted with moments of self realization. When times were tough both in personal and business ordeals (believe me there were many), that familiar nagging voice of doom would ring loudly in my ears. A thousand times I thought I should just walk away… this time for real!! But the more more I wanted to walk away, the stronger the vision grew. You see, whatever it is I was going through, I found myselfgrowing through it. In fact, I was rising above it. These dark moments allowed me to see the light. It didn't make any sense to me at all.. Perhaps it was because I wanted to honor the brand integrity so much, I had to attempt living it's message? In any case, it changed me for the better. If this story started and ended with just me, then I could accept that there was nothing significant and worth sharing about Lotus. However, it’s positively affected every single member of the founding team and many of our Lotus ambassadors, friends, and associates have also said they've felt this wave. Looking back now, I’ve seen how it embedded itself in all aspects of the company’s mission. In an effort to introduce and offer Lotus Premium Denim to denim lovers everywhere, we also found ourselves setting up fundraisers with non-profits like City Year, CharityWater, Somaly Mam Foundation, Career Closets, and NAFCONWe’ve also had a Lotus Power Summit where we focused entirely on people’s stories of chasing dreams and triumphs over adversity. We’ve collaborated with musicians, fashion designers, artists, entrepreneurs and have even supported a city official who's focus in helping inner city youth inspired him to run for city council. In every aspect of growing this start up, we’ve always encouraged people to pursue happiness, develop self love, and to live well while doing so. Then it slowly dawned on us.. Lotus wasn't just about jeans. We were seeking to build exactly what we needed to foster in our own lives. It is about loving yourself enough to live how you want, and inspiring others to do the same. Lotus became a brand infused with celebrating beauty from the inside out through how we live, what we do, and what we wear.

The experience of how Lotus impacted my life developed a sense of spirituality that was even a bit too much for me, to say the least. As pragmatic and rational as I tried to be in running a business in this modern world, I fell in love with the mission and meaning behind Lotus. I found myself seeking truth and wisdom from present and past thought leaders as a source of inspiration and a guide for Lotus. Most notably, my search for truth brought me to my practice of yoga. I couldn’t understand it at first, but the more I practiced yoga the calmer I was in my day-to-day life. In addition to the physical benefits, it boosted my energy, kept me balanced, and I felt happier. Best of all, the effects were immediate. Beyond the flexibility and headstands, it is about union with the Self. More and more, I realized that Lotus was the catharsis to my awakening, and practicing yoga and meditation provided me with a deeper sense of clarity and balance to life. Practicing it removed me far away from anxiety, fear, and fatigue. Yes we design great fitting jeans and yes we love love love fashion, but could there be something more to it that's driving Lotus to exist? The team and I discussed this for more than a year now, and we’ve hit an epiphany - Lotus is an experience of self transformation. Everything else is a bridge to it.

I’m very excited to tell you this realization led us to form a brand campaign that's never been done before. Whatever it is that’s helping us evolve within Lotus, we want to share it with you!
Inspired by today’s active modern woman, Live Lotus promotes well-being through movement, communal experiences, and beautifully designed clothing. Inspired by the practice of yoga and what it’s done for me, it is my dream to extend the Lotus vision to include a yoga experience of mind, body, and.... music evolution. If you’re new to the practice, I want you to let go of your inhibitions and any judgement of it. Or at least refrain from judging until you’ve experienced it yourself. :) Yoga is an ancient practice introduced to the world from India, and though we aim to honor every aspect of it, we also want to modernize it for today’s generation. The first Live Lotus experience will be held next month in April, and I promise you it will be fun and unforgettable! More info to come soon.

Live well. Live Lotus.

With our added focus in yoga, or any other experience for that matter, we want you to know the Lotus label is not ending. In fact, we're extending our collection and will be including active wear soon. We want our clothing to help tell a remarkable story. We want it to be worn by women who are living amazing lives chasing dreams, experiencing the world, overcoming adversity, and awakening in God's love. That kind of woman inspires the world around her, and we want nothing more than to dress her along in her journey.

If you’ve stuck around and read everything, I want to say Thank You! I’m grateful we’re on this path together and hopefully you’ve connected with our story and want to stay on this journey with us! Once again, thank you for your support and for inspiring us to dream big and love fiercely.



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