Dont Hate. Meditate.

April 10, 2015

My son pictured above in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt doesn't really understand why I love meditation so much, but he immediately mimics me when he found a tranquil place on a bench at the temple we visited in San Diego. He's 6 now, but I do intend to teach him the benefits of meditation so that by the time he's 10, he'll not only be the best at Minecraft, but he'll also be extremely confident, strong, happy, and grounded.

I was introduced to meditation from the practice of yoga. During the final resting pose (savasana), you lay down flat on our back, arms at your side with palms facing up. In this position, you rest your body and let yourself recover from the practice. You quiet your mind and let go of all thoughts. Sounds simple right? Actually, it's the hardest thing in the world because trying to think of nothing is impossible when you have so many problems to worry about and a to-do list that's a mile long! Ahhhh, but this final pose is the most beneficial, if not, the main reason why I practice yoga.

Meditation doesn't have to mean sitting down with your legs crossed. The act of meditation is simply silencing your mind from everyday thoughts and distractions so that you can be fully present in the moment. Staying still and allowing yourself to just let go of everything around you and outside of you is uncomfortable. Why? Because we're so used to our thoughts! We think of the same things (emotions, problems, goals, ideas, errands) every day while we're up and about. We constantly get lost in our thoughts and we end up identifying our existence with those thoughts! Some of which are really unhealthy and no bueno. And what's even more apparent in our generation are all the distractions we're privy to; television, mobile phones, and social media networks. The more addicted we get to these distractions and thoughts, the less control we have over our minds. But with daily or frequent practice of meditation, we can actually brush off the stress and live happier and healthier lives.

Meditation combined with simple breathing techniques can do more wonders for your health and wellness than pills and potions. If you haven't tried meditation yet, we'd love for you to join us next week on Sunday, April 19th at our first Live Lotus yoga practice. It's our first yoga session and we want to share this experience with you! The event is more than half full now, so please RSVP your spot. Our first Live Lotus event is benefitting HERS Breast Cancer Foundation, so even if you can't join us on the mat, you can click here to support this amazing charity.

Let's open up the possibility of mind, body and soul transformation, together.

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