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September 24, 2015

Hello friends,
When we opened our doors about 8 weeks ago, we honestly didn't know what to expect in this new adventure. Building the studio and getting it ready for Grand Opening Day was one thing, but building up the class roster, teaching, and running the business was an entirely new experience for us! One word to describe how we are feeling is "GRATEFUL". Our Yelp reviews, our students, our instructors, our Lotus Ambassadors, our friends and family -- you've all welcomed us with open arms and we can't thank you enough. Both men and women ranging in different backgrounds and ages have taken their yoga practice here at Live Lotus and have filled this studio with so much life and positivity. 


This practice truly is for everyone. We are reminded that in every community, in every city, people need a space to cultivate mindful living, to strengthen mind and body connection through breath and to be surrounded by others who value the same things. With all the modern day stressors including raising children, managing multiple jobs, caring for aging parents, managing a healthy diet and body, saving for retirement, paying off debt, pursuing a career, a dream, a life you've always wanted... maintaining resilience through it all starts with our internal awareness and the dialogue we carry within. There is nothing worth pursuing out in the world if we are not right within.  

 Over and over again, we continue to meet amazing individuals in our studio who share the same passion we feel for life. One recent connection led us to the making of this newsletter/blog. I am pleased to introduce you to a new Live Lotus Ambassador and member of the Lotus family. Ellen Knobeloch reached out to me a few weeks ago, inspired to share her Live Lotus journey as she re-integrates the practice and fundamentals of yoga into her daily, modern and at times hectic life. I think it's something we all can relate to. Ellen joins us as our new writer. Look out for future content as we build up some exciting campaigns and editorials. 

Love and gratitude,

CEO & Founder

Enter Ellen...

Hello all, my name is Ellen Knobeloch and I am delighted to be a new student, ambassador and writer at Live Lotus. I have been practicing yoga for a few years now and am grateful to have finally found a studio to call home in San Jose. 

In a nutshell, I am a designer, amateur photographer, passionate auntie, Sacramento State Alumna, sorority girl, perfectionist, baseball fan, solid shopper and makeup junkie, addicted Netflixer, sweets and coffee lover, slow reader, stationary enthusiast and old school snail mailer. 

By day, I am marketing director at a local architecture and interior design firm; I am educated in design and photography, because I have always been amazed by what the human mind can imagine and then create.

Although I do love a morning class or two on the weekends, you will almost always find me in the Live Lotus studio in the evenings, resetting myself for the next day. 

Get to know more about me in my exclusive interview with Live Lotus' CEO, Sarah Coronado.


The Basics:

1. Number of siblingsOne perfect fraternal twin sister.
2. Hometown: Born in St. Louis and bred in Hollister, California, but these days San Jose feels like home. 
3. Flats or heels?: Can I choose sneakers?
4. What feeds you?: Close family, soul sisters, beautiful design (architecture/graphics, etc.), fantastic brunches, sun, rushing water, rugged mountains and spontaneous shooting stars.
5. Favorite Bay Area destination?: Big Sur.
6. Favorite thing to treat yourself to post-workout?: Pinkberry yogurt. Hands down.
7. Favorite pose: That would be a tie between Warrior I/Warrior II. Both make me feel powerful!
8. Why Lotus?: To help spread love for yoga and otherwise.
In Detail:
What are your essentials for a perfect session?
- Being a little early to class. Rushing never sets a good tone for a class.
- A bottle of Blackberry Hint water.
- My fave purple Manduka mat.
- Yoga block, since I am never as flexible as I imagine myself to be.

What brought you to your practice? Have you always been a dedicated yogi?
I started with vinyasa/flow yoga about four years ago, after college when I had a bit more free time. I knew I had to find a healthy habit to keep me active (and sane) as an adult. I loved that yoga required no intense equipment, no weights, no machines...just your mind, body and mat.
I enrolled in a beginners' workshop actually, because I had no idea what I was doing and was so afraid to embarrass myself in a class with real yogis! Since the poses were brand new to my body, working through them in a safe learning space before jumping into an active class was very helpful. As I started attending classes, I picked things up pretty fast (sans the advanced poses like handstands that look oh-so graceful until an amateur tries them). I was sold. I've tried a few different yoga forms since then, but have always come back to vinyasa. I now realize that my practice has been slow to deepen, because I had been holding myself back, not making myself a priority. I loved yoga, but was just too good at making excuses like: I'm busy, I'm tired, I'm hungry, it's know?
A new dedication began when I started with Live Lotus, just recently. I've decided to stop finding reasons to dismiss my needs. In just a short time, I can already see remarkable change. 

What do you want in life (assuming money and health are not concerns)?
I want to be crazy in love - happy with myself, my life and a partner who inspires me. I want to be engaged and fulfilled by my work, yet balanced; if there is work, there must be some play right? I want to be in awe of the Earth's wonders, see new places and be forced to put my own little world into perspective. I also want to experience motherhood, because I know that there will come a time when being an auntie to my beautiful niece is not quite enough. My dreams don't seem as grandiose as others'...but often from simplicity comes significance. 

What do you struggle with within your self? And how are you conquering it?
I endeavor to be perfect (at like...EVERYTHING), often forgetting that no human is. I try to remind myself that imperfection is personality, and that there are some things in life that you can't control. Teddy Roosevelt said "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." I think that is really the best anyone can do, while you look to the future and reach for the stars.

If you could tell your 10-year old self something you've learned about life, what would you tell her? 
BE BOLD. Things are much more fun if you remain true to your soul but open to life's possibilities. What do you really have to lose? Let go. (And stop straightening your hair! Embrace the curls.)
Now that we've been introduced, I truly hope you continue to follow my journey with Live Lotus. Say hello in the studio. Follow me on Instagram if you'd like: @ellenknobeloch. Make suggestions on what you want to see on the blog. What do you want to read about? We are are always looking for feedback. 

It will be awhile before I can hold poses as long as I'd like - or do some of them at all - but practice makes perfect! I have committed myself to making this passion a priority, and I hope that inspires you. Do not be afraid to take time for what you need and do more of what you love. 

Namaste. Xo, Ellen

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