November Energy Update

October 29, 2015

Welcome to your November 2015 Energy Update!

This write up will focus on the “Universal energies” that we will be working with during the month. 

So how to read this update?

You can start from here and read all the way to the end.


You can scroll to the bottom and read some reflections regarding the energies for this month.


November 2015 will mark an Universal ‘2’ Month. This holds qualities of partnerships, support (family, friendships, business, emotions etc..) and dependencies.  The bonds you’ve formed may reveal how you are (or are not) being supported in them. You may begin to see if there are certain partnerships that you support and ones you don’t support any longer. However, this month can be a great time to strengthen existing bonds. It might be a good idea to express your gratitude to those people that have supported you in some way. Another thing that is great, is the willingness for workloads to be shared.  People might just be much more inclined to help. So delegate what you need and your support team will probably come through! In terms of dependency, you may feel like you don’t want to do anything alone and are looking to be around others more often - or others are reaching out to you.


With the Sun in Scorpio, until Nov 22,  expect levels of intensity at certain points. Scorpio is an all or nothing sign. It is driven and it is transformative - so it is quite possible that partnerships formed now,  may feel as if there is an almost psychic and extremely intense connection. There may be someone that will rouse transformation within you -  or it may be you, provoking that change in another. Also note: Scorpionic energy knows if it's being lied to - so watch if you are not being honest, you might get called out. And vice versa, you might find yourself spotting dishonesty in others yourself and you probably won’t like it.  (Watch your stinger there!) However, if the connection is right, Scorpio energy will fuel you with enough drive to make things happen or transform something to a whole new level.


I must quickly mention Sagittarius, since the Sun will go into that sign the tail of the end of the month. This is a sign that loves freedom and craves things that are larger-than-life. Relationships during this time may have an adventurous streak or you may find yourself in a duo that desires going out into the world and sharing knowledge with others.


We will have a New Moon in Scorpio (whoa) around Nov 11th and 12th and a Full Moon in Gemini (fun) Nov 25th. There will be a separate blog post regarding the moon transits, so stay tuned for those!


Who are those people (that have truly supported you) that you can express gratitude in a powerful way?

What are some things you can delegate to others, so the workload can be evenly distributed and shared?

Are there any dependencies that you’ve developed that are no longer serving a greater purpose? What can you do about those?

Are there some bonds that you want to strengthen? How can you do that?

Are there some bonds that are weakening? What do you want to do about that?


Don’t be afraid to strike out in a duo! Allow the support that WANTS to be in your life and see what can develop thorough it. This month will emphasize your bonds with others and reveal where you stand in them. Pour energy into the people that can help cultivate something that is alignment with who you are. Have fun, stay honest and get on with it!

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