January 21, 2016

First off  - welcome 2016! Sixteen years into 2000 - that’s pretty phenomenal in my view. While time has become increasingly warped and dilated for me (and for some of you, I’m sure) I still love looking at the numbers and interpreting the energy reverberating from them!

So let’s talk about that...

Year 2016 is marked by the number 9. In general terms, nine energy is all about bringing things to completion. If you have any on-going projects, debts, relationships, life phases that are calling for a closeout - this is a good year to make that happen.

It is also about leadership through completion (getting it done), lessons and fulfillments - so there may be an authoritative air within and around you all year - reminding you of the endings that need to be in your life.

Energetically we are being signaled into an elevated way of thriving. Outdated ways are seeking an exit. If you are holding on to those expired ways, your growth will be harder to come by. So it is truly up to you how the rest of this ride will go.

With any exit, comes an entrance.



Before I address Mercury Retrograde (whether you are someone that subscribes, understands, agrees or plain unaware of what Mercury Retrograde even means - bear with me...I will clear it up for you)

January gives a new start, literally. It’s in 1 energy, so in short, take action. Make a list or whatever you need to do to get yourself in motion.

1 energy is all about action & initiative - moving the gears that mobilize the things that are important to you. Bring those things to life, this energy says. Assert your individuality, by recognizing the kind of life you really want to life.

With the Sun positioned in Capricorn, we are much more goal oriented and it will be easier to identify the path we need to take to get there.

Halfway through the month, the Sun will move into Aquarius and we have an opportunity to visualize and invent an even bigger, almost revolutionary future for ourselves. Watch for rebellious streaks that may come to you or from you. This is a time to see how your ingenious self wants to contribute to a larger collective.

How can you get your unique expression out there? Does your movement benefit humanity?

This is Aquarian energy.


*Mercury to turn direct on the 25th

The planet that rules communication will go retrograde in Aquarius during the beginning of the month and then move into Capricorn. What does that mean?

Basically you will begin to see/feel restriction from others, in terms of your outward and forward movement. Your unique ways of expressing and belief systems may get some feedback from people or groups that carry a more traditional mindset.

If you have been embracing a new way of thinking or moving towards a more elevated sense of self, the old structures/people that have surrounded you may not agree with that and will probably hear it. Your ‘rising strong’ will experience some discomfort, as former ways of being/thinking try to pull you into back into comfort zone.

In any case, we get 3 weeks of this type of inward/reflective energy. It’s important because we can identify with who we are, now. We get to deal with the imposing energy of “staying the same” for the sake of comfort - for the sake of “playing safe” - for the sake of “there is no other way”.

Whatever path you forge yourself, one of two things will rise up : 1) Alignment with your true self will feel ready to expand outwards  into a larger collective  OR 2) you will feel restricted in your expression and fold back into traditions that you don’t necessarily embrace.

Choice is always available, no matter how the tables turn.


What are some goals you’ve identified for yourself and what are the steps you are going to take to accomplish them?

What are some things/people/beliefs that need to be moved out of the way or brought to closure?

If you begin to see old traditions or worldviews thwarting your expression or imposing on you, what are you willinging to give up so that you can move forward in your path?

Embrace your unique expression, the world needs that. You are an unrepeatable person, with capabilities that were gifted to you. Outdated beliefs make themselves known to you when certain things in your life are not clicking.

Allow this time of year to bring to rest the limiting belief systems that stop your true self from showing up. Forge forth and share passionately, that light within you.

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