Get to Know: Janiece Sarduy

February 24, 2016

I had an amazing conversation with the multi talented Janiece Sarduy, a mother, wife, dancer, actress and poet - and in the process of publishing a book of original poetry dedicated to "unknown artists".
As we spoke, there were several moments when I was taken by how beautifully impactful her expression was.
As a strong woman who is awake and ready to share her light with the world, I was blessed to speak with her and share her words with all of you. Enjoy!

Tell me about this book you are publishing.
As a hobby I always wrote poetry, but I never thought about pursuing it professionally. I've been writing since I was eleven, so about a year and half ago I decided to publish a book.
I started thinking about how people do things as a hobby and how they think that what they do is not enough. It was heavy on my heart, because people think they are not enough.
I wanted to publish a book of poetry and dedicate it to "unknown artists".  We are all artists (writer, painter, photo, dancer) and we lose it along the way somewhere. We start second guessing ourselves.
I just know that I HAVE to do this and I don't even know where it came from. Call it God, but I have to do this. Poetry is sort of a dying thing - but it's so beautiful...
I have all these amazing friends that paint and draw. So I choose 8 artists and sent them a poem and they create a piece of art that is inspired by that poem.
We are all artists, all worthy. We should share with each other, because that part where that art is, comes from a place where we all recognize we are one.
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That day when you woke up and decided that you were going to write this book, what started to change within you when you committed to making this work of art?
I definitely noticed this sort of confidence - not coming from an egotistical place or arrogance. This beautiful feeling that I call God. This beautiful feeling that I'm enough and God is in you and God is in all of us. It has nothing to do with money, or fame or material things - it's just you and you're enough.
We live in a society that is about "what you own" and "how much money you make." It's good to step back from that and realize that none of that matters - what matters is what you have to offer the world and that is enough.
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If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?
It used to be to read minds, but now that I'm "awake" - I don't want to read people's minds (laughs). Now it would be to fly. My husband calls me the "bird lady" (laughs). I think to fly is one of the most freeing things to feel.
One world issue would you solve?
The education system in America - a system where we introduce empathy as a subject and how to deal with emotions in a healthy and loving environment.
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Favorite meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner?
I love eggs. I'm a breakfast person.
 Here is a scenario: You are talking with a young girl, she has a broken past and is carrying pain - but she is seeking truth, what would you tell her?
 I would tell her that her story is important, that it needs to be heard -because there are so many out there like her and her story can potentially save a life.
She has that kind of power.
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