Leilani, a Heavenly Flower

August 22, 2016

Lotus is a community built on love. And what we have built here is not only a gift to others, but it's a gift to ourselves too. The women and men behind Live Lotus recognize that we are all one. And when one person is grieving, we are all grieving. 
Rosey Gonzales walked into the studio last October for a yoga class. What she didn't realize at the time (and neither did we) was that over the next year, we would be building a community together fostered on this simple idea of Love. How do we give it? How do we share it? How can we elevate the world with it? A love that knows no boundaries. The kind of love that sees no division or separation. An acceptance of one another, without having to be exactly alike. With Rosey on board, the vision crystalized and what developed over the past year is now a growing community of people coming together weekly for group meditation and Innerstanding of self and the collective. Week after week, she has given love and healing to so many people, through her gift of compassion. Now it's time we meet her where she needs us most.
A week ago Rosey's mother, Leilani De Castro, passed on to her next journey. She left behind 3 children, 3 grand daughters, and a huge community of friends and family in both Washington and California. 
It's not easy to share moments like these under such difficult circumstances. We stand by Rosey as she builds strength in honoring her mother's life and legacy. Below is an excerpt from Rosey. 
Rosey's dedication:
This time last week, I was in Washington State because I received a phone call that my mom was in the hospital. The prognosis wasn't good, she had suffered a sudden and unexpected stoke that shut down her vital organs...

On 8/8/16 my mothers physical body came to an end.

There hasn't been a day since that I don't feel pain and deep sadness for what transpired. A culmination of emotions hit me on the daily. I think of my brother and sister all the time. I miss my mom's laughter. Her great sense of taste. Her sweet voice on the phone. She was supposed to come to San Jose this month...

As I travel through this new phase, I'm utterly grateful for the life she gave me. Through this passage she is showing me a new strength built within me. A strength to endure such a sorrow with a hope that only knows love.

Such is a mother's love...

I love you mom. Thank you. #heavenlyflower #lionsgate

During this time of difficult loss, we are asking the community to help Rosey and her family with any amount you can donate towards services and arrangement for her mother's passing.
Donate on Venmo via: ROSEYGZ

Thank you for your generosity and gift of any amount. 
All our love,
Live Lotus team

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