March 01, 2016


Meet Charmaine Illenberger

By profession she is an Intensive Care nurse and as serendipity would have it, she was led to Live Lotus for some yoga and fun. After rounds of conversations, laughs and other shenanigans - we discovered that Charmaine's workshop needed to be a #Liveyourdreams.

"it's a mash-up of a geeky and inspiring TED talk x a trippy laser show x a soulful paint nite x a meditation session x an intuition workshop x a sensory arts and crafts project x aromatherapy...kind of like me"-  she says.

If that sounds like you to, join her on March 5th at 11am-2pm, for some 6th sense exploration! Click here for the Eventbrite details.

Now on with the questions...

1. Why you? 

I’m just embodying my piece of the puzzle.

2. What’s your dream?

I see each individual in their full expression as a beautiful unique ever-changing pattern, a compelling story, and captivating melody and rhythm- kind of like a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory puzzle piece. When we link up and build on each other we create an epic multi-dimensional kaleidoscopic montage with a kick-ass soundtrack. It's not a dream. This is the reality we are actively co-creating as I'm typing this and as you’re reading this, right here, right now. The more that we become in tune and live true to ourselves, the more kick-ass our collective kaleidoscope becomes. (How’s that for a tongue twister?)

3. How can your story help others? 

By sharing my story I hope to assist in the empowerment of others to claim their birthright to the love, freedom, healing, happiness, and Truth that's been waiting inside every single one of us all along. I’m hoping that people find the freedom to play, create and explore to be their own unique expression of their piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t have to be such a solemn endeavor. We are here to play with Creation!

4. Hidden talents? 

I am THE BEST cuddler. Seriously. I dare you not to melt in my arms.

5. Favorite yoga pose? 

Happy baby. Because it really makes me feel like a happy baby. And this-



Because, encouragement. Boom!

6. Three words to describe Live Lotus. 

Resonant, warm, home.

7. Three words to describe you. 

Soothing, encouraging, refreshing. And dirty. I hear that often from my Hun, and I’m not sure in what context he means it. Since I hear it so often, either way, I’ll own it!

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