Live Your Dreams : Tiffany Leonardo

February 03, 2016


Meet Tiffany Leonardo.

A New York transplant, one part of Handmade Signature Pieces and a #lotuswoman muse - as we got to know her inspiring story of self-love and self-discovery, it only made sense that a #LiveYourDreams was due! Catch her this February 6th 2016 at 4:30pm (event info here) and "Discover how loving yourself can lead to your inner peace joy and feeling content with life." But first, a few questions...

1. Why you? 

Why not?!  If what you’re doing hasn’t worked why not take a leap of faith?  What do you have to lose?

2. What's your dream?

I know I can’t change the world, but I want to affect my world.

3. How can your story help others? 

I’ve lacked direction in my life, but I hope the lessons I’ve learned on my journey thus far can provide some guidance to others.

4. Hidden talents? 

The “People’s Eyebrow”.

5. Favorite yoga pose? 

Eagle Pose, it’s both simple and complicated like myself!

6. Three words to describe Live Lotus. 

Start: where you are

Use: what you have

Do: what you can

7. Three words to describe you. 

The three recurring  adjectives I’ve been told are: Open, Warm, Radiant.


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