We stand with Standing Rock

December 13, 2016

Live Lotus members Joey Torres, AJ Jimenez, and Jake Owens traveled to North Dakota the day after Thanksgiving, in support of the people protecting our sacred land at Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

They came back with stories of power and healing. It was through collective prayer, love, and assistance that these men and so many others were able to make it through the harsh winter storm. 

What was the energy like at Standing Rock?
AJ: The energy was a little low at first when we got there. But when we started helping out, I think we brightened up the camp. The donations played a big role. And the hugs. We gave them hugs. The hugs brightened them up! They didn't expect that from us, coming from California. They said, "Oh you guys are huggers!"

Describe a typical day at Standing Rock.
Joey: I woke up in prayer. At 4 in the morning, I'd wake up connecting in prayer for everything, for love, for the grounds, for the people. For what we were there for, to heal and bring my energy back into this battle. After breakfast time, we'd assist in shoveling snow out of collapsed tents, building more tents, helping everyone the whole time. Talking and connecting with people, assisting people with love. Bringing morality back. Morality was the sunshine these people needed. This was a sacred area that we had to pay respect to. We took our time and made our way through all these segregated camps and we shined light. 

How can we help the people at Standing Rock?
Joey: We're creating a fundraiser on CrowdRise. Donations are so needed. Everything we brought in our van was needed and used. One main thing that was a necessity there was propane. And also your prayers. Prayer to stop this entity of consumption of the light. It needs to be stopped through prayer. It wasn't through money, it wasn't war, it wasn't just sacrifice... it was through prayer that we've gotten this far.

Stand with Standing Rock
The people at the front line of Standing Rock need our help and assistance with supplies like propane, warm clothes, shelter, water, and food -- the basic necessities of survival. With your help in this fundraiser, we can provide tremendous support and resources to these warriors who have dedicated their lives and heart to protecting sacred land and water. 

100% of all donations will go towards assistance and resources for the Water Protectors of Standing Rock.

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