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February 21, 2014

These are some alarming facts! There are 83 million women in the US between ages 25 - 64. And HALF of them are 5'4" and under! This means that average truly is petite, since that's half of the female population! With so many women in this range, no wonder so many of us have a hard time finding the right fitting jeans. In today's denim market, most jeans are cut to fit women who are 5'10" and size 2, which is less than 10% of the female population. Clearly, there's room in the market to address problems around a better fit. 


Lotus Premium Denim was created to address problems around the perfect fit. Any women who's experienced the fitting room nightmare at department stores will tell you that many of the jeans sold in today's market leave them feeling less than perfect in those fitting rooms. It's never easy to walk in with 10 pairs of jeans to try on, and leave empty handed simply because of a bad fit.

With Lotus jeans, we carefully studied the various shapes and fit issues so many us women have experienced and crafted our jeans to lift and enhance the very best of our assets, making denim fittings a happy experience instead of a nightmare. We took our field tests very seriously - we were our own fit models!

If you haven't experienced the Lotus Fit yet, we urge you to come try on our jeans on February 28th at the JYJZ boutique located at Westfield's Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, California. We're holding an All Day pop up shop for our clients. Come meet us and experience the perfect fit with Lotus Premium Denim. If you're out of the area, check us out on our website. We offer complimentary shipping in the US.
Here's hoping your next denim fitting a truly a perfect fit.X

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