All of Me - A Founder's Confession

March 14, 2014

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you've sacrificed so much, there was absolutely no turning back, no matter how scary things are? Have you ever been confused about how to balance raising a family, working a demanding job, while secretly nurturing your dreams every other waking hour of your life? This is how we're all feeling at Lotus Premium Denim. If you're following our story, you'll recall that we're about to launch our biggest campaign ever on KickStarter. This campaign has been close to a year in the making. We're now in the final week of wrapping up post production editing for our video and finalizing campaign details for submission and approval. Our anticipated launch date is just a few weeks away. The quiet before the storm is precisely where we're at. The conversations, texts, emails, and meetings at Lotus headquarters (basically coffee shops and each other's homes) have been filled with apprehension, excitement, and quite frankly, exhaustion too. 

For any woman or man who've sacrificed everything for something they believe in, who've had the audacity to think for a minute that they're entitled to living the life of their dreams... we want to say Thank You. It's not easy to nurture something out of nothing. But if it makes you feel alive, how can you possibly give it up? When I think about all the sleepless nights, the moments I've missed hanging out with my husband and our little boys, the weekends that were sacrificed from friends and family, coupled with the ongoing demands of running a small business on a shoe string budget, and the obsession with building this brand's story in the most authentic and honest way possible with our amazing community of Lotus women and men, I really don't know how we're doing all of this with so many limitations. A rational person would tell me this is crazy. Why live such a stressful life when a simpler one is available? 

I don't know if I can answer that with sound reason. But what I can tell you is I've tried everything to be happy. And what I'm learning is that happiness doesn't mean "without struggle". Every time I'm fighting to make a decision of whether to stay or leave, I sit still and ask for guidance. When I surrender myself to this chaos inside my head, it always leads me back to Lotus. The love and connection built with the founding team, our Lotus women, ambassadors, fans, clients, and larger community of supporters have healed and inspired me in so many ways. And then I thought, "If this could happen to someone as stubborn as me, imagine what Lotus can do for so many others in this world." A denim line that celebrates a universal kind of beauty. This has honestly been my driving force.

I know it's risky to write something so personal. People will judge you, but we all know the biggest critic is the one in the mirror. Once you heal yourself, you give yourself permission to follow your heart and be truly happy. It's my hope that for anyone who's sacrificed so much for their dreams, please know you're not alone. Greatness takes time, don't rush it. 

Thank you and respectfully,
Sarah Coronado
Founder | CEO

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