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April 18, 2014








Hi there!

Last week, we launched our biggest campaign ever, on Kickstarter. Many of our lovely supporters watched our video and made pledges to our Kickstarter project. Thank You!!!

But some of our supporters have reached out and are still asking,"What is this Kickstarter thing?"

We thought we'd explain the significance of it here. 

What is Kickstarter?:





Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform that helps designers like Lotus Premium Denim pitch an idea or project to the world to help raise funding for it. 

Each project is independently created and crafted by the team behind it. It took team Lotus 12 months to build our project, from shooting videos, crafting our pitch, and brainstorming what rewards to offer our backers (aka our supporters). 

Every project has a funding goal and deadline. For Lotus, we aim to raise $20,000 by May 3rd, 2014. If you like what we're doing, you can pledge money to help us make it happen. If we succeed in reaching our funding goal, all backers' credit cards are charged on May 3rd. If our project does not reach $20,000 by our deadline date, no one is charged. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.

Being a backer to our Kickstarter project is more than just pledging money, it's supporting our dream to create something that we want to see exist in the world. 

Why are we doing this?





We are currently bootstrapping our startup. That means that we fund our own production and operating expenses (from our 9-5 paychecks, and sometimes our parents and husbands...#TheStruggleIsReal). This all women run team wants to take Lotus to the top, but need your help. 

With the $20,000 funding we aim to raise on Kickstarter, we want to develop our first full collection and take Lotus Premium Denim to the next level. 

How you can help...





It's very easy to help. Make a pledge and pick a reward level! 

After you pledge, please share us on Facebook.  

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Thank You!!!

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