Thank you for believing in us!!

May 09, 2014


On May 3rd, 2014 at 12:00 AM, we exceeded our Kickstarter funding goal by 142% and raised $28,424.00.

This Kickstarter experience taught me so much about faith and community. 

More than a year ago, I wanted to step up and do something big for Lotus. I came upon Kickstarter, and discovered it's potential for a startup like ours. If we could succeed in telling the Lotus story on video, a Kickstarter project could help us validate our market demand. Success on Kickstarter was an all or nothing approach. If you don't meet or exceed your funding goal, you don't make anything at all. It was terrifying to step out and ask our community to basically pre-order our collection, based solely on faith in our vision, story, and purpose. We didn't know how this project would end, but went ahead with it anyways. Without any marketing budget, the Lotus team decided to build a Lotus Ambassador community. What we've experienced in the last several months still humbles me to this day. This community is filled with beautiful women and men, who've given their support and energy to the Lotus Premium Denim and what we stood for. 

I want to thank you for having faith in us. Because of your support, we are now planning a full collection for 2015, and continuing our dreams. The story doesn't end here... in fact, it's still only the beginning!! Thank you once again for playing a huge role in our story. =)

All our love,
Sarah and Team Lotus

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