Just tell me how it's looking, babe

April 28, 2014

The blessings continue to pour in. Some of our lovely Lotus Ambassadors and Team Lotus got together a few weeks ago, and decided to create a video project showcasing the form, fit, and function of our jeans. We asked our community for help in executing this vision. In a heartbeat, we formed a team of dancers, a producer/choreographer, and received help from the youth group Roosevelt Digital Arts who assisted our Director Marlo Rose Alvarado in filming on set. This community is FILLED with raw talent. 

A word from our Producer and Choreographer, Paulyn Nguyen. (She's also our Product Developer... talk about talent!)

"It’s been an amazing experience to work with these beautiful souls. The energy in the Lotus space has left a lasting impression on me and I am absolutely grateful for the work and passion that they’ve shared during this production. Thank you for welcoming my art & spirit into your lives, let’s rise together!" - Paulyn Nguyen

Inspired by Beyonce's latest album, Paulyn and the Lotus women executed an original choreography to "Yonce", wearing our high waist jeans Love and Dream (which you can find on Kickstater now). We thank you, and present you "Yonce - Lotus Woman" - http://bit.ly/1pHu42H




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