Together We Rise

May 01, 2014


"I pray for our Kickstarter campaign to deliver a very strong, lasting and impactful message. Let it be successful. Let it garner the right exposure and build a community of women doing beautiful things. Let this work reinforce the Lotus Story and cause a chain reaction of women confronting their struggles and accepting their beauty."


On April 22nd, 2013, I wrote my intentions for Lotus on Kickstarter. I put it in a wooden box and placed it in my drawer. I've not re-opened this box, until today. It's a strange and wonderful feeling to see the dreams that were written down a year ago become a living reality today. 

Your overwhelming show of support and encouragement helped us exceed our goal of $20,000 this week!! It's truly amazing and humbling to say the least. 

During the course of our campaign, there were some people who questioned our strategy. Why put so much emphasis on one campaign, and take a whole year to build it out? I knew we were low on inventory, cash flow, and resources, but I held on desperately to one goal. I wanted to tell a remarkable story with Lotus. 

The videos, photo shoots, trunk shows, and social media posts on Instagram and Facebook all aimed to build one unified story and expression of what Lotus meant to us, and what we'd hope to instill in our small, yet loyal community. Feeling beautiful in your own skin, embracing your imperfections, and inspiring one another to chase our dreams has been and will always be the driving force behind Lotus Premium Denim. Jeans made to fit, for women born to inspire.   

The happiness we're experiencing this moment is due to the growing #LotusWoman community we've collectively built with our friends and clients. Our models and muse, our Lotus Ambassadors, our film crew, our expanding team, and our friends and supporters both online and offline have filled our hearts with light and love. 

I would like to say thank you once again for giving Lotus a chance. Together we rise.

With gratitude,
Sarah Coronado
Founder & CEO
Lotus Premium Denim

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