Let your light shine

August 21, 2014

Many times, we get in our own way. It is easier to say that outside influences or circumstances prevent us from doing what we want in life. But the truth is, most obstacles lie within. Paulyn Nguyen, a true Lotus Woman and our very own Product Developer, believes that everything is a choice. And what you choose to feel is a reflection of what you believe in yourself.

Enter Paulyn...


My life is a reflection of my own thoughts.

When you find yourself in a rut or feel stuck in a situation, it's a sign that you need to rise. You need to rise to each situation presented. Life is phenomenal, in constant movement. You’re not who you were a year ago, a month ago, or even a minute ago. Every moment is a rebirth of who you choose to be, and you are always changing. I've felt complacency in thinking I'm not ready to make my next move. But in reality, conditions are rarely perfect to begin most tasks. If we wait until we’re ready, then we may never start. We are given inspiring thoughts and ideas for a reason – to bring them to life.

Life is a choice; love is a choice. Decisions are made every day, and it’s up to you to either reach for the light or remain in the dark. Do you grow and love yourself, or do you wither away in your shadows? Choices shape your chances, and when you choose your thoughts, you choose your circumstances.

The road to self-discovery is a tough path, and I find myself playing two opposing characters.

One is the role of my worst enemy: full of doubt, negativity, and heavy criticisms. I feel the pressure to rush to achievement as if that’s the only way to self-validation. The other role is a loving one, my best friend. I view myself as someone who seeks nourishment, and I give it to myself. In due time, I blossom, and I thrive. 

Choose to recognize your own light and nourish it.  

You are your own best friend and worst enemy. This saying becomes more relevant each passing day. As a young adult, I’m now planting my own seeds and nurturing them to the best of my ability. Seeds will sprout from darkness into the sunlight, reaching for warmth and nourishment until they’re above the soil; and even after that, they continue to rise. I’m discovering that this analogy resonates with how I nurture my own mind, body and spirit. Just like a plant, I’m reaching for the light. Soil has the ability to keep me in the dark, but to flourish, I must fight this layer of doubt to truly feed my soul.

Follow your instincts and heart to all ends of the universe because the limits lie within your own mind.  

Every small battle within yourself is a choice; a choice to live freely or hold back. It’s a matter of allowing your light to shine into all aspects of your life. So love yourself enough to know that you have the power to create your reality.



Paulyn Nguyen

Product Developer

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