August 28, 2014

What does manure have to do with Lotus Premium Denim? Well I see it as the sh*t we all have to go through, to be able to not only grow, but thrive into our beauty. It’s the pain we feel from heartache, failure, negligence, and all the other things we want to delete so badly from our lives. But it is also a blessing, and here’s why. I see manure as the adversity we need to experience growth. Like a plant, the sun gives us warmth and love, the water replenishes and provides us nourishment, and the dirt and soil keeps us rooted in strength. When you add manure to it, it can help you grow stronger. But it stinks. You hate it. You obviously can grow without it. But when applied right, it helps you grow even stronger and deeper in your beauty.  

Last night, my husband sent me this amazing talk by Tyrese Gibson. In it, he says, “In every level, there’s a devil”. Even the most fortunate and seemingly happiest people are battling something. (The beloved Robin Williams is a reminder of this.) I loved Tyrese's talk because he reminds us of the inherent power of our minds. Do not get stuck thinking you cannot change. Who you surround yourself with, where you work, and what you do with your time are in direct correlation to what you've allowed in your life. We play the role of victim because we’ve allowed ourselves to feel helpless from a broken childhood, bad relationships, health issues, or life traumas. But as we’ve mentioned in our previous blogs, the main dialogue we’ve been vocalizing this summer has been about 'perspective'. It’s so hard to shift to a new way of looking at things, but a new perspective can be just as real as the old delusions you’ve been playing in your mind. How many of us want to fix something or change something, only to keep repeating the same bad habits time and time again? Before you can change anything on the outside, you must first change your thoughts on the inside.

The very difficult things in life create the opportunity for us to experience fundamental Love. I’m talking about groundbreaking love. The kind of love that can crush vicious cycles handed down from one generation to the next. The kind of love that can fill an empty heart, aching from loss and broken relationships. That kind of love doesn't come overnight. It can only be experienced through self-awareness and forgiveness. Take a look and smell the manure around you. But from this day on, let it inspire you to change and grow.  


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