Make Some Noise in 2015

January 08, 2015

It's been a kazillion years since I last posted a blog entry. I like to read more than I like to write, but because our Founder at LPD believes that every voice should be heard, here's the beginning of my writing career. I'm hoping to spark minds and not put anyone to sleep.

Lotus is about making major moves this 2015, by being bold and living by example. We all have our individual passions in life. Aside from my business role (Co-Founder, Director of Sales), my passion lies in helping children. Being a mother myself, I only want my children to have a fair chance at living a beautiful life. Today's world almost seems hopeless, especially for children in our poorer neighborhoods whose parents have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet and hardly find the time to talk to their kids. I'm lightweight guilty of being that type of parent, and it isn't easy for me to catch all the shows they watch and music they listen to. There's only so much you can control. I love music and understand it as an art form, but it's hard for me to explain to my 9 year old that being "in love with the coco" has nothing to do with cereal or why Usher feels that, "When you dance on a pole, it don't make you a hoe!"... But it is what it is. All we can do is tell our children the truth, that noteverything they listen to has a positive message. Yes, we live in a world that glorifies drugs and money, but there are also people that believe in changing the world for the better.  

This year, one of our goals is to partner up with local artists, musicians and local brands/designers to have a fundraiser for charities that help children. I'll be scouting for singers, bands and talented MC's that talk about real issues on their lyrics (conscious rappers) and are active in their communities. We are writing letters to celebrities and other people of influence to ask them to join us and support this event as well. We have to take action and show our children that music is not only about expression, it's about inspiration!

2015 promises to be a transforming year. Stay tuned for more details on our Music for Charity event. If you'd like to get more info or are interested in collaborating with Lotus, please email me at

Let's make some noise this year and go out with a BOOM!


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