A Leap of Faith

January 19, 2015

The start of the New Year is always exciting. A New Year means clean slates and the opportunity to create a new self. We set goals to improve ourselves or what we can do to look better so we can in turn, feel better. Gym membership signups sky rocket and restricted diets are put into place but over time, this drive somehow dwindles. We work harder at improving how we look on the outside, however what we should really focus on what is on the inside. With this, I mean your heart.

I am a firm believer that altering your lifestyle to develop healthy habits is truly important. Healthy forms of artistic outlets,  great work outs (for me kickboxing, learning a dance routine or yoga stretching), good nutrition and surrounding yourself with good people all add to a healthy lifestyle, however, one healthy habit that I think most people don’t work hard enough in is their walk with faith. Whichever faith or higher being you believe in, this act of improving your relationship with God on a daily basis, helps maintain a healthy mind and grateful heart. This can be done in many ways; read more on your religion, get plugged into your church community, journal or meditate to name a few. I found that this helps you feel more secure with yourself and those around you will feel that love.

Focusing on your faith allows you to dedicate time to the One who answers your prayers, gives you clarity, makes miracles happen and gets you through the tough storms. I know I couldn't have persevered the struggles without the grace of God. There were times where I felt no one could understand my situation, but hearing the word of God and receiving the support of his followers, gave me the healing I needed. As a result, I am happier and stronger within and my situation has drastically improved because my deeper walk with faith. My intention is to help spread the good word of trying this healthy habit.

It is said the way you feel inward, shines outward. Here at Team Lotus, our mission to share what helps or inspires us to become better individuals. So I encourage to dedicate a little more time with your faith and see all the wonderful things unfold. Take the leap of faith into a better you in 2015!


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