3 Magic Words to Overcome Anything

January 30, 2015

The hardest thing about goals is sticking to them.

How many of us commit to making a change or achieving something in life, fueled in that sweet moment of inspiration? We envision ourselves reaching that goal and we believe in our hearts we deserve it. Even just daydreaming about it can lift your mood! That's the beautiful thing about goal-setting - the act of envisioning it can start to germinate things into action. You take your baby steps and things are looking good. But then this dark cloud called "reality" settles in and all of a sudden your goal starts to feel more like a ludicrous dream. It's too big of a goal. How do you even get there? You don't have enough time, talent, or money. Ugghh... dreams are meant for other people who are either lucky or younger or smarter... not you.

How many of us think like this?!

Even if you don't necessarily dream B-I-G, we can all relate to the simple everyday goals of eating better, living healthier, or perhaps even getting more sleep at night. The the size of the goal isn't what stops us from achieving it. It's over-thinking that goal which makes us feel overwhelmed and at times defeated. For example, I love writing and I know I want to do it more often. For years, I have wanted to stay consistent in writing blog posts. Sounds simple enough, right? But every time I start thinking about writing, I panic about finding the time to actually write something well worth sharing. I worry if the content is irrelevant or too long or not long enough... this is all before I even write anything! I mentally overwhelm myself to the point of exhaustion. The death of a goal is not the size, it's feeling overwhelmed about it.

The next time you re-commit yourself to change, I want you to keep these 3 words in mind. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with a goal you really want to commit to, don't change the goal! Change the way you think about it. Forget about end results because new habits and skill sets do take some time to build. When you're low on motivation, don't ditch the practice. Ask yourself, "Can I just..." and finish it with a small demand. Something incremental that you can stick with even if you don't feel like doing anything. Let's pretend that you have to run 3 miles today but you have NO time, the baby is screaming, your boss is emailing you, your house is a mess, your shoes smells, and your cat ate your socks. Ask yourself, "Can I just run 1 mile?" Commit to doing that 1 teeny tiny mile and you will realize you didn't just run 1 teeny tiny mile, you overcame feeling overwhelmed! And that is what goals are made of. 

I wish you all the best in your goals!


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