A Night Before Breakfast: Chia Pudding

February 02, 2015

If you like to snooze your alarm and skip breakfast for that extra half hour of sleep, then this overnight chia pudding could save your day. It can save your diet too! Chia seeds have a great nutritional profile. They are packed with nutrients that benefit your body and brain. It’s important to incorporate healthy ingredients into your daily diet because you’ll feel better and do better.

You don’t need to diet drastically to eat healthy. In fact, you shouldn’t. Start by setting easy goals for yourself like eating a fruit a day or not drinking soda, even the diet kind. For me, it’s hard to give up the food I love to eat and wanting to try new places. I practice moderation so I don’t beat myself up for eating what I want.

Homemade chia pudding has probably been my favorite thing to make last year. It’s so easy to make, nutritious, and filling. Plus, it looks cute in a mason jar! Feel free to be creative with chia pudding recipes. Here’s mine:



  • 3 tbsp chia seeds : Trader Joe’s Chia Seeds
  • 1 cup liquid : Silk Soy Milk
  • 2 tbsp of protein powder : Organic Hemp Protein Powder Chocolate Flavored


Combine chia seeds and protein powder into a container. I recommend using a mason jar since it’s the perfect size container when you’re on the go (when I have a skip breakfast kind of morning, I eat this chia pudding when I’m stuck in traffic driving to work or even just walking to the office). Pour liquid and mix all ingredients together, making sure there are no chia clumps. Place the lid and store it in the refrigerator overnight. As an option, I use granola as a topping so it contrasts with the pudding texture.

I’m glad I got to share one of my favorite (and easiest!) recipes with all of you. I encourage you all to make your own chia pudding recipe. No pots or pans required! Enjoy!


- Rochelle Ata

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