Happy Thanksgiving from Lotus Premium Denim

November 24, 2011

 Happy Thanksgiving 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Two years ago, a thought came to mind about how denim should really fit. But, an idea is just an idea…until it’s shared with others. When someone else believes in your ideas, amazing things start to happen. Ideas have the potential to that; it changes lives. This initial thought is now a new company composed of creative and passionate women, whose mission it is to fit and clothe inspiring women all over the world.

Thank you to my wonderful team who never gave up, and kept breathing life into Lotus Premium Denim. Thank you to our amazing and supportive family & friends who bared with us this whole time, in patience and understanding. Thank you to our initial customers who gave us a chance and tried us out! We do this for YOU. You are our inspiration. We are never satisfied, unless you are happy. On this Thanksgiving Day, we thank YOU.

It has been rewarding and exciting to watch Lotus Premium Denim grow from an idea to a small company already filled with passionate customers and members alike.

We know there's a lot of work ahead of us, but we've never been more excited or optimistic. We hope you'll continue trying on our jeans and inviting your friends to check us out.

From everyone here at Lotus Premium Denim, thanks!


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