The Lotus Fit: 6 Reasons why Lotus Premium Denim are the key to a Beautiful You

December 07, 2011


Lotus Premium Denim Inspire Fit Guide

1. We have S-T-R-E-T-C-H.

By “stretch”, we're referring to jeans that have a combination of cotton and spandex. No, not a lot of spandex. About 98% cotton, 2% spandex is a good blend. Just enough to give you some breathing room. You don’t want it getting all out shape to the point where it makes you look like you’re the next size up.

Find the smallest size you can *Fit* into and buy it. By “fit" into, we mean get all the way zipped and still be able to walk. This is because stretch jeans WILL stretch a bit. If you buy your regular size, by the end of the day they will be too big in some areas. If you buy the next size down, they will stretch as well, usually resulting in a nice, sexy mold of your body.

2. Dark colors are slimming.

If you’re a truly bootilicious woman, you’re probably conscious about your size on occasion. The thing about our dark blue or indigo washes is that it has a nice slimming effect, giving you a great silhouette. It's perfect for day or night, dressed up or dressed down. We made sure that our first collection would be versatile and complimented a women's style and shape, including those of us who are curvy.

3. Our Slim Straight cut is classic.

The slim straight cut is ultra appealing because it is a simple cut. It straightens and elongates your legs and doesn’t draw too much attention as other embellished cuts might. It works across all seasons and will outlast any trend. It's the perfect cut to compliment both your body and style!

4. We have varying inseams. 

We hate altering and hemming our jeans as much as you do. We understand this inconvenience and that is why in our design process, we made sure to cater to women of different heights. In a personal commitment to function, we identified many women who hassled with post-purchase alterations, and realized that while the cut and fit is essential, the length of the jeans that runs from the crotch down to the bottom of the leg (inseam) is also a critical piece in which other brands overlook. Recognizing this pain point, we offer both 28" and 30" inseams for our customers to select from. This very simple approach to sizing makes all the difference in the world! Our goal is to have you try it, buy it, and wear it out - hassle free.

5. Our back pockets sets close to the center and are the perfect size.

You want pockets that are positioned just right. Ours set close to center, thus drawing the eyes to the center. The right size pockets and it's placement are so important to the attractiveness of the jeans because it can help you look more well proportioned. If your pockets are too low, it can make your booty look saggy. If you pockets are too big or too small, it can make you look disproportionate as well. As you can see, we were obsessed over this area, and thankfully so! Our pockets make everything back there look better :)

6. And finally, the "Sweetheart" yoke! (The most important part)

Please say this with us: "YOKE". The yoke is where the magic happens. If you look at our photos, you'll see a nice example of what we mean. It's the part below the waist and above your pockets. It's that strip of fabric there that can instantly enhance your booty! A lot of jeans have a thin and rather flat line, which does not help give any shape or arc for a nice booty, resulting in the dreaded flattened booty. We created our yoke to form a "sweetheart" curve, sort of like a wide, soft V shape, coming to a slight point over your pockets. This is what helps your butt look more curved from the top, and give it that lifted look!

We urge you to try on a pair of our denim, and see for yourself why Lotus Premium Denim can definitely protect and enhance your assets ;-).

Look out for our Lotus Style Lounge dates for your opportunity to try on a pair yourself!

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