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July 02, 2012

The Canary Island Date Palm outside has Fusarium wilt, which is a horribly geeky word for fungus (tree-killing fungus). Why am I blogging about this? It is a powerful reminder that external beauty is fleeting and age is inevitable, but glorious. That tree is easily over 50-years-old, has weathered more storms and stood taller than most others in this neighborhood. Now it stands proud, though clearly dying. It reminds us of our mortality and our greater purpose. It reminds us to hold our heads high as the small wrinkles gather in the corners of our eyes, as knowledge and wisdom gather in our minds and hearts. Age and sickness will find us all at some point, but cannot stifle our real beauty which only intensifies as we grow, learn and love.
When that great tree is dead, I may forget the color of its foliage or texture of its trunk, but I'll never forget its radiating spirit and the calmness I felt sitting beneath it. For now, let us embrace our youth and adorn ourselves with things that enhance our exteriors, but may we never forget that true beauty is in our spirit, it is the essence we leave behind. The mark we leave on this earth is not with our bodies, it's with our hearts.

Canary Island Date Palm

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