Courage is Grace in Denim

August 01, 2012

You can never cross the Ocean unless you have the Courage to lose sight of the Shore. 

Courage surfaces in a variety of ways. Bravery is not limited to the physical, but rather the whole of a being. At Lotus Premium Denim we lovingly call ourselves 'Warriors', because we are. We hear (on a regular basis) how challenging the world of retail is, how unlikely we are to succeed and yet, within each of us resides a warrior who stands firm amongst the barrage of criticisms and doubt, and yells back, "it takes nothing to blend into a crowd, it takes everything to innovate." Perhaps we'll be called stubborn and unrealistic, fanciful, or wrought in delusion. Or perhaps we will be more fittingly called "the next big thing." It is a razor-thin line that separates the victors and the vanquished, what makes all the difference is the courage within, a strong, steady dignity that resonates with a message of hope and perseverance, it screams louder than the opposition, "WE WILL". Having courage does not mean we are absent of fear, it means we are determined to, and WILL succeed in spite of it.

-Sandy Sanjurjo and the Lotus Premium Denim Warriors

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