The Lotus Manifesto

August 14, 2012

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I find myself constantly thinking about our Lotus Premium Denim's message. Besides selling jeans for the petite professional woman, what are we truly aiming for? Every business needs to have economic growth and scale, or else it cannot sustain itself. But surely, that’s not what drives us; a stress inducer maybe, but it's not the driving factor ;-). What really gets us excited and driven here at LPD, is beyond the profit measure. It’s connecting with one another and telling our stories, as well as hearing them from our clients and friends. We use Lotus Premium Denim as a platform to narrate our own journeys so that we can share it with others, most likely going through the same or similar situations. Every human life experiences forms of struggle and happiness. The Lotus represents beauty rising from struggle. It is a symbol of grace, freedom, and inspiration. Every time we see an example of this, whether it’s through quotes, pictures, stories, or personal experiences, we have an urge to share it. We want understanding, acceptance, and to know that we're not alone. Our stories are quite similar to one another; just cased in different shells and backdrops. I'm a big believer that we are more alike than we are different. When we accept this truth, we know we're truly not alone. Developing meaningful relationships is at the core of LPD’s manifesto. It warms our hearts when a client tells us how our message and product help empower them. Whether its through what you wear, read, see, or hear, causing change through impact is what we strive for. Yes, we focus on designing jeans that fit well. But ultimately, it’s the smile and confidence of the Lotus woman that we’re after. That’s what is truly beautiful and inspiring. 
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