October 25, 2012

For many of us, living in a fast paced world seems to bring more noise than it does substance. Expectations we perceive to be important place us in a constant race, leaving us feeling discontented with our status, our progress, and our state of being. We chase happiness as if it’s situational; as if it’s based on outside circumstances. We say things like, “I hate my job, if only I found something better…”, or “This relationship sucks, if only I could leave…”, or for those of us battling weight issues, “I can’t seem to slim down, if only I was skinnier”. The grass seems greener on the other side. But is it really? On the surface, these problems seem to have simple answers. Get a new job, be happy. Get a new relationship, be happy. Lose weight, be happy. But when does wanting more really end? Is happiness fixed at a salary cap, a perfect mate, or a body to mass index? No. What if I told you, real joy isn’t found in circumstances? What if we all placed gratitude first into our daily practice, and carry with us the profound belief that we are born magnificent, already? Can you imagine what your life would be like, living with this simple truth? You would be empowered. Every hardship will be seen as an opportunity for you to grow and evolve as a being. Trials and errors, as well as struggles and adversities will be pivotal moments for you to learn and take away from. Moments that test you the hardest, give you the best opportunity to build courage, strength, wisdom, and grace. All life is, is a series of journeys with an infinite amount of lessons to learn from. If our lives can be viewed this way, then no matter how chaotic a world we live in, we can easily separate the noise from substance. And real joy will be felt all around, regardless how green that grass is.

The Grass is Greener where you water it - Neil Barringham


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