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November 22, 2012

Shop for Lotus Premium Denim for a chance give back through Given Goods Co.!
Lotus Premium Denim Given Goods Company Promotion

There's a new story in retail. Today marks the official launch of Given Goods CompanyWith 80 brands and over 800 products, our friends at Given Goods are confident that you will find just what you’re looking for (and maybe some things you’re not!) while feeling awesome that your item was made mindfully and has made a difference for someone else. "Buy-to-give" is the new retail solution. 

This is a term that’s pretty important to them: buy-to-give. At Given Goods, when you purchase a product, a tangible good is given to someone else in need, a percentage of the sale from the purchase is donated to a predetermined charitable cause, and/or a sustainable and life-improving employment opportunity is created in an under-served community. Pretty cool, right? But it doesn't stop there.

Given Goods Company Shop for Products that give back
Given Goods supports global causes, both domestically and abroad, to improve healthcare, education, the environment, and/or economic development. They believe that these areas will be the driving force of change within our world, and they're working with ambitious brands that seek to be the change we all want to see. We are so humbled and grateful that Given Goods has asked Lotus Premium Denim to be part of this movement. Our products are proudly offered on their website here. (*Thanks Given Goods, for wearing our Love denim in your Launch photos!)

So now it’s your turn. Everything you purchase has an impact, but with Given Goods, that impact can be positive in more than one way. Check them out!(Pssst.... You won't want to miss their "Thanksgiven" sale!)

 Lotus Premium Denim Given Goods Company 96 hours of Thanksgiven
Happy Shopping!

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