Our 2012 Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

November 30, 2012

 Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas 


Shopping for others can be a pain, especially if it's for an on-the-go fashionista!  To help ease off stress this holiday season, we’ve picked out our Top 10 Holiday Gift ideas we know she'll love.

10. Let’s start with our first gift! Every superwoman needs a hot pair of leather gloves and this motorcycle/racing Peek-a-boo design is just Smokin'.

9. Next we have the slouchy beanie - perfect for cold weather and bad hair days. Whether she admits it or not, we all have them. She needs this in her life!

8. Days like these, don't you wish you could walk around outside in a blanket? Well now she can, without all the extra material. A velvet cable knit snood is definitely more fashionable, she'll love it!

7. If she walks around holding it, guess what? It's part of her outfit! Her iPad needs to be dressed appropriately, too.

6. Who says you can't look cool in the winter?  Red hot sunglasses with frosted frames are to die for!! Even Mrs. Clause in her furry hat would rock 'em!

5. Speaking of rockin', the nails must be swaggin’ too! Gift her with the perfect nail polish colors for the season to complete her style, toes to finger-tips.

4. Candles are a must give; it never goes out of style and is always in fashion. It reminds our busy fashionista to slow down and relax. Candles also help with meditation.

3. A leather zip pouch with a chain wristlet makes every penny look like a gold coin. Fancy huh?

2. We all have great ideas and stories to share but not enough time to write them down. So this year, gift her with a journal so she'll make time! There's magic in that pen, and dreams are written on paper.

1. Last but not least our number 1 gift idea that tops every gift on this list… is Love. Give her Love because Love is all she really needs.

Top Holiday Gift Idea Lotus Premium Denim's Love Petite Denim

Happy Holidays Ladies!

Love your Lotus Stylists,

Marie and Carina 

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