Lotus on Location: Where will you go in 2013?

January 05, 2013

Where will you go in 2013 with your lovely Lotus Premium Denim?  2013 has only begun, the year holds many new exciting adventures for you.  As a petite, posh, and professional lady I’m sure you’ll travel to places near and far, and in Lotus you'll always look fit and fabulous!  So where to begin the year...


Maybe a visit to the lovely Louvre in Paris?

Lotus Premium Denim in Inspire Paris Louve

Or a little stroll through Philly.

Lotus Premium Denim Inspire in Philadelphia

A little yoga by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

Lotus Premium Denim Inspire in San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Bliss out on the beach.

Lotus Premium Denim Inspire on the Beach

Make your year a lively one with Lotus Premium Jeans!

Lotus Premium Denim Logo

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