Petite Is ... Anything But Small

January 08, 2013

Petite is a word so often times misused. When someone hears the word "Petite", they automatically think small, skinny, short, tiny, miniature and little. Petite has nothing to do with size and everything to do with lengthLotus Premium Denim has the perfect inseam lengths for the petite fashionista. Here's a list we put together of petite celebrities that we believe are anything but small!
Natalie Portman 5'3   
Mila Kunis 5'4
Janet Jackson 5'4 
Pink 5'3
Rachel Bilson 5'2 
Fergie 5'3
Eva Longoria 5'2 
Drew Barrymore 5'4
Sarah Jessica Parker 5'3
Lucy Liu 5'3
Photo credits: Huffington Post
Your Lotus Stylists,
Marie and Carina

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