The Lotus Story - Our Manifesto

May 02, 2013

The Lotus Story Manifesto

To our family, friends, and customers:

Thank you for reading the Lotus Stories. It’s been a soul baring process for us, and on so many levels, a transformational one too. Hopefully we've inspired a few individuals to not give up on their dreams. 

Stories have a way of uniting us. We share them to find connection with others. We listen to them to learn something about others, and interestingly enough, we learn something about ourselves. But ultimately, stories help us celebrate the human experience. Our lives are defined by the problems we take on. It's a series of choices we continuously make, where quitting is never an option. We are all traveling a common journey in life; a journey in finding our true self. There are so many lessons to learn. And the good will usually come with some bad. But once a woman embraces and learns from her past, she is better for it. She's stronger for it, and she's even more beautiful because of it.

"The woman in the Jeans. Look for her." 

Jeans are a cornerstone in women's closets. It's an iconic piece that will never go out of style or season. It's cross generational, transitions from day to night, and can go from professional to casual, depending on the outfit and occasion. And once you find the perfect fit, you’ll literally want to live in them. However, what's most interesting to us at Lotus Premium Denim is not the jeans... It's how women feel, when she's wearing our jeans. 

The Lotus Woman is the everyday woman who’s ambitious, on the go, and constantly trying to better herself. If and when she makes a mistake, she'll pick herself back up. By no means is she perfect, but she is beautiful. Ultimately, she's trying to live her best life possible. She knows that the most powerful tool she can own is confidence. Because once she believes she can do anything, she will do everything.

"What is unexplainable is divine.
Enjoy it and don't try to control it."

The experience of developing the Lotus brand surprised us all. In the beginning, we thought it was just about the jeans. Truthfully speaking, Lotus hit me with a mind shifting tidal wave. And with it, a floodgate of possibilities began to open. Opportunities keep knocking at our door, and inspiration continues to find us while we’re hard at work. 

We are a brand that's driven by the relationships we build with our customers and friends. We know that a pair of jeans can't change the world. But through fit and message, it can inspire confidence in a woman. And a community of confident women ... will change the world.  



 - Celebrate every woman's story -

It's been a dream sharing our story with you. We now invite YOU to join Lotus in the next chapter. As an ode to celebrating stories, we will be featuring Lotus Women in our own communities. If you have a story to share, let us know!

Lotus Premium Denim HerStory Share yours 

Make your voice heard. One of the most powerful things a woman can do is to lead a community by sharing her story. Whether it's at a fortune 500 company, a start up, a child's little league soccer practice, a family dinner, or a conversation with your best friend.. never forget the impact of sharing your story.

With gratitude,

Founder & CEO

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