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May 23, 2013

Lotus Premium Denim herStory Thoey Ngo Founder of Ecomonster

Thoey Ngo EcoMonster
My name is Thoey Ngo and I am founder of EcoMonster, established since 2008. I am a huge fan of LPD. 

I was introduced to Lotus Premium Denim at the HerCity Fashion Show in April. I saw the girls strut down the runway in the beautiful jeans but what really got to me was when Elaine got on stage and told the story behind each denim design. The passion I heard in her story already sold me to support a local business. Secondly, the lotus flower really hits home for me because what it symbolizes inspires me how to live my life. I went out to try on Love with the help of Marie and Ria. I think I almost cried when the length on the jeans were perfect, I never thought I would see that day. I gave up on jeans a long time ago, and it's cheesy, but LPD understood my crisis for the perfect pair of jeans in life. I tried on the jeans with the intention of simply supporting a local business but did not realize what these jeans, what these ladies behind this company gave to me instead. So really, thank you for giving the petite gals a voice! I love my pair of Love! 

I first started out EcoMonster in 2008 as a hobby selling online and now expanded to a retail front in downtown San Jose, supporting local and independent artisans handmade items. I am a little green boutique with a mission to reconnect with the community through our products and craft workshops. We have a disconnect with how products are made nowadays so I very much enjoy telling each item's handmade story to my customers. The thing I enjoy most about having a retail front versus selling online is being able to work with different instructors in our community to offer fun craft and art workshops. 

Every child is born an artist, the problem is to remain one once they grow up - pablo picasso

People just need a little push to tap into their creative side and it is very rewarding for me when students walk away from our workshops very proud of the items they handmade. We typically do not have a structured class setting and typically just provide students a space with all kinds of fun materials, supplies and very basic instructions. I have learned that participants are much more creative this way when they're not given thorough, structured instructions because you give them room to use their imagination. I am here to provide the tools and guidance to tap into your inner artist!


EcoMonster Jewelry by Daisy

This Fall, EcoMonster will be hosting a Green Fashion Show raising money for a great organization, SenHoa.org. I'm taking this opportunity to gather amazingly talented women to help me put together an event for a good cause. The theme will be vintage and revamped clothing and accessories to showcase that being fashionably "green" is very possible. 

LOTUS: When and where did you get your 'push' to tap into your creativity?
THOEY: I have always been crafty and started selling online during college to raise funds to buy more materials and supplies. It was nice that EcoMonster was slowly making more sales online but it was when Better Homes & Garden contacted me to feature one of my DIY Kits. The idea that an item I designed was getting published gave me the push to dedicate more time into my hobby. To me, it was a sign to follow my heart; my passion and time to let go of the stability and security of a regular job.  If you're not chasing your dreams, what would you rather be doing? 

LOTUS: Who inspires you?
THOEY: My mother inspires me because she is the most selfless, hardworking person I know pushing me to be the strong, petite woman that I am today. Even after a long day she still laughs with her heart smiling. She has so much love to give and she is EcoMonster's number one fan!

Thoey Ngo Inspiration Mom

LOTUS: What has been your biggest achievement in life?
THOEY: It would have to be completing my first and second half marathons last year.  Even at a very slow pace this meant the world to me because I was diagnosed with a heart condition in high school that restrained me from any strenuous activities. I think the biggest motivation for me is being told you can't. I had to carry a monitor with me during my runs and training was a struggle going from couch potato to running three times a week but it was the most incredible feeling in the world to cross that finish line!  It was the first time in my life that I did something solely for myself.  The second marathon I did it for my family. My dad got to witness me cross the line and he said he 'almost' cried. Ha, that was a lot coming from him.  

LOTUS: In reaching your achievement, what was the most unexpected thing you learned along the way? 
THOEY: Unexpectedly, I gave myself a life long gift; the gift of believing in myself. When you know that if you apply yourself to anything, nothing in this world can stop you. You hear this quote all the time but only when you live it do you believe it. Right after my marathon, I moved on to my next goal in life which was to become a vegetarian. I had been struggling with it for a year falling off the wagon time after time. But right after my marathon I told myself that if I can physically run 13.1 miles then I can mentally give up eating meat.  It has now been a full 6 months since I've been a vegetarian.

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