A Lotus HerStory | Laura Mam, Singer/Songwriter

September 13, 2013

As we prepare to say good-bye to an incredible summer of reflection, we remain grateful for the opportunity in building a brand like Lotus Premium Denim. It was a summer of contemplation and change, as wishes were made, dreams were shared, and new friendships were developed. And here we stand at the doorstep of Fall. This change in season created a much needed juncture in re-discovering our purpose. New beginnings await us.

Just as we were looking for that dose of inspiration, serendipity took her course and aligned us with a star. She's a pioneer and reviver of culture, rock & roll, and soul. Her story reminds us that no dream is ever too big to chase, and no dreamer is ever too small. Please enjoy learning a bit more about a lotus woman named Laura Mam.

Enter Laura...

My name is Laura Mam and I'm a Cambodian-American singer/songwriter/guitarist, born and raised in San Jose, CA. I was inspired to write original music in college and started posting my original works on my youtube channel, LauraMamMusic. Soon after, I began receiving messages from Cambodians around the world about their hopes for the revival of original music and artists in Cambodia. Many Cambodians around the world are still affected by the tragedies of the genocide that took place in 1975-1979. Cambodia’s once vibrant music scene was devastated and nearly destroyed by the Khmer Rouge Communist Regime as nearly all artists and intellectuals were targeted and killed. The letters of hope and nostalgia that I received were what inspired and led me to begin writing original Khmer music in order to revive a wounded modern music scene in Cambodia.

Over the past few years, I built my reputation playing with the rock band, The Like Me’s, as the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter. After releasing a few Cambodian themed music videos on Youtube, the Cambodian international community responded with favor. When our band released a cover of the 60s psychedelic Cambodian original, “Sva Rom Monkiss” (Dance Monkey Dance) by the late artist Pan Ron, we were all blown away by the favorable attention we received from the older generation of Cambodians who lived through the 60s and felt a certain nostalgia for the song and an appreciation for the modern twist.

With a few more music videos, my youtube channel exceeded one million hits and gave us the chance to tour the US, Canada, and Cambodia several times. In 2012, we received a full double sponsorship from Cambodian corporations, Cellcard and the Cambodian Television Network, to promote our music in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

This year, I have started my solo career and thanks to my KickStarter campaign, You can find a behind the scenes teaser and pre-recorded sample of my single, "Meet Me in the Rain" by clicking here. I will be returning for my third tour of Cambodia in December. I have just a few days left in my KickStarter campaign, and can't wait to share more songs, videos, and tour dates with you.



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