About Ayla

Ayla brings and welcomes a full and visceral expression of our human experience and is motivated by raw heart centered transformation. She believes in the power of doing inner work and is inspired to spark a deeper innerstanding of self, while discovering how this all weaves within the greater tapestry life.

From a young age she had an acute awareness of the primal, intimate and mysterious nature of what we call Soul. Her innate sense of intuition led her to study mysticism, metaphysics, numerology, psychology, philosophy and astrology to rediscover the connection we have with the outer cosmic universe and our inner cosmic world.  In doing so, she is piercing the veil between realms of reality, pulling information down to make sense of our 3D experience. Ayla is intrigued by how we choose to exist inside ourselves, what we weave amongst each other, and our relationship to God. She sought out mentors, direct experiences, and immersed herself in creative, transformational, and spiritual communities, that could help her expand her knowledge. In addition, the journey of healing her own personal/generational trauma and having to move through many gateways of grief, has been the cornerstone for her greatest growth. With all life has to offer, Ayla acknowledges that something bigger and Sacred is at play, and that we all have a need to share our inner truth as the ultimate Gift.

She hopes to inspire others to integrate their inner and outer worlds – and from that place, she believes we can fully and creatively participate in the things that make our being feel most alive, heal our deepest pain and pave new paths that allow us to thrive as a human family.

Ayla Rose is the Director of Innerstanding at Live Lotus Yoga Studio, a collective movement based on group meditation and sound healing. She is also the Director of Lotus Talks, a podcast that generates organic and meaningful conversations. She has facilitated numerous workshops, classes, groups and 1:1 sessions. Her style of delivery is present, healing, insightful, grounded and transcendent.

“I did not come to teach you. I came to love you. Love will teach you.”

~ All of us