About us (old)

OUR STORY // In 2011, the Lotus Premium brand was founded based on one simple goal - to fit and flatter a woman's body the very first time. It's remarkable how great fitting jeans can make you feel. When you look good, you feel good. A driving force of our company is inspiring women to recognize and accept their own beauty. Founded by a group of strong and passionate women, it is equally important that the Lotus Premium brand not only fit women beautifully, but that it also serves as a constant reminder of her true worth. Wearing the Lotus emblem did something wonderful to us; it transformed us into more conscious, passionate, and bold individuals. That is something more beautiful than just a fashion statement. This inspired us to extend our collection beyond denim to a wardrobe of essential pieces as well as creating custom experiences for our community to uplift their mind, body and soul. 
OUR TEAM // We’re a group of friends who've made it our business to re-invent the most remarkable fitting jeans, apparel and accessories for women just like us. We’re go-getters, dreamers, mothers, daughters, but most importantly – we're doers. As a women run company, we're committed to celebrating beauty from the inside out, through how we live, what we do, and what we wear.  
OUR MISSION // Our mission is to inspire people to live the Lotus way; consciously, passionately, and boldly. We're on a collective journey in discovering our true selves, and we're using our stories to connect with and inspire others to do the same. Fashion is our vehicle. Love is our message.


CHARITY // The Lotus Premium brand is more than a fashion statement; it is a statement of values. From day one, we are committed to donating a portion of our sales to benefit partnering charities that help and empower women and children. A purchase from Lotus shows your commitment to bettering lives across the globe. We firmly believes in quality, both for our apparel and for human life.