Art with Style - July 21, 2012

At LPD we strive to represent ourselves as we are, not just as a brand, but as people. Sometimes with an event, we hit the target dead-center. Art with Style showed our true colors, a vibrant, rainbow's worth. 


The weather couldn't have been more cooperative for a spectacular evening in the lounge and open terrace of the luxurious Levare complex.


Sweet Sister's Bakery did not disappoint with the prettiest, most delicious cake pops we have ever had, and Piedra Creek wine in conjunction with Sol's Kitchen appetizers was truly a delight for the palate. 



It was wonderful to see new faces, meet fashion bloggers and forge new partnerships. Our gratitude is never-ending for the support of our LPD fans, which is unwavering, a list that grows by the day. 



We would like to thank all those who braved the Santana Row traffic and parking for a pleasant night of music, art, tasty treats and great shopping. As the artist behind the work, I can say I enjoyed sharing a little bit of my soul, the work was truly a reflection of the inspiration I've derived working side by side with an incredible team of warriors, for an outstanding cause. Until next time...

-Sandy Sanjurjo and the LPD Warriors