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Another company making a difference, Lotus Premium Denim gifted their fashionable and hip women’s jeans. With a team of women designers, the company’s denim line embraces fashion and comfort while supporting organizations that empower women.

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I was intrigued by Lotus Premium Denim, a San Francisco based line which promises to compliment and enhance the leggy shape of the average height woman. The jeans' shorter inseams will guarantee that they fall at the perfect length regardless of whether you wear it with flats or heels. Good bye hemming!

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At the recent GBK Celebrity Gift Lounge, Janel was beaming about the Lotus Premium Denim jeans that were sure to make the hot actress look even hotter, as a regular now on Pretty Little Liars. 

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Lotus Premium Denim—these adorable girls, who were some of the most pleasant sponsors ever, were so happy to be gifting their comfortable, form-fitting yet stretchy, jeans to all the female guests. If we come out looking like the Lotus girls do in them, that’ll be a real bonus! (Speaking of bonuses, the girls also gave-out lovely healing and power bracelets, from their associate, Rimes with J.)

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The MTV Movie Awards were held this past weekend and this year a record number of gifting suites tied to the event were held, gifting everything from the latest in skincare, fashions, accessories, toys, pet products and more.
Clothing included sustainable bamboo t-shirts from Emys and slim jeans from Lotus Premium Denim. 


Lotus Premium Denim is proud to announce their participation in GBK’s 2012 MTV Movie Awards’ Celebrity Gift Lounge in Beverly Hills, California. Attending celebrities will be gifted a made-to-fit pair of ‘Inspire’ Lotus Premium denim, custom-made bracelets and reusable tote-bags. The event will be attended by high-profile celebrities and major media outlets.

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I am by no means a stranger to denim. From the different dyes, styles, and unique elements that make up each jean, no two pairs are alike. With a petite frame, I often have to alter my jeans to my height, leaving me spending hundreds on alterations I wish I did not have to. Especially with originally very long denim, the jeans never look quite the way they were intended to. I wanted just one brand I could rely on for jeans that were fashioned and tailored specifically for my body. This is how I came to discover my new favorite denim brand–Lotus Premium Denim. By offering denim that measures both inseams, your waist and your height, you are guaranteed to have a perfect fit every time. These jeans are comfortable, slimming, and flatter your body, without any alterations needed. We were able to interview the women behind Lotus to learn more about the brand...

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Introducing a true, ready-to-wear jean, newly launched Lotus Premium Denim has re-worked designer denim details, solving the perpetual dilemma, of fit, for the average-sized fashionista of today. With only two years in the industry, the all female team, behind the local Bay Area brand, is paving the way, for not only the chic nine to five gal but the fashion savvy mom as well, inspiring them to not just look good, but feel good too.

When I first met the ladies at Lotus Premium Denim, I was blown away.  By their premium denim product, their energy and their positively electric dynamic with one another.  So when they agreed to meet with me at a local San Jose Starbucks and share their start-up story, I couldn't be more ecstatic.  I could sing their praises, but I think their interview speaks for itself.


Personally identifying with the frustrations involved, when shopping for that “perfect jean”, the LPD ladies strived to create a new and improved go-to denim pant. More importantly, the brand particularly sought to cater to the petite woman, eliminating the extra-alteration woes most know all to well. Thus focusing on six, significant structure details, LPD has developed a jean with tweaked pocket placement, re-worked inseam length and even incorporated a signature “sweetheart” yoke, for an extra behind-boost. Versatile and comfortable, the jean can be worn with flats or heels and can go from day to night, without skipping a beat. Successfully re-inventing the style of classic designer denim, the pant’s dark-wash, straight-leg look flawlessly combines a modern feel with a timeless fit.

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Having a mini girls night out last Friday, I swung by Simply Smashing Boutique for the Lotus Premium Denim Lounge. Loving not only the quality of the product but what the brand stands for as well, I must say, I have never owned a pair of straight leg jeans, sans alterations, that have fit, my 5 inch self, any better. Thinking up an ensemble, I wanted to pair them with some affordable, but chic, duds that would highlight the fit and wash. ... Thus from deals to denim, the perfect pair of designer jeans can certainly take fab frugal finds to the next style level.

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I had the pleasure of meeting the most inspiring group of ladies recently when I was invited to an exclusive sneak peak for an up and coming, locally created, designer denim line. All young entrepreneurs in their own right, the ladies of Lotus Premium Denim have created a quality jean for the petite fashionista of today. Focusing on overall fit, with much attention to seam placement details, Lotus Premium Denim will certainly solve those tailoring needs that us short gals know all to well. The official launch party will take place in November, debuting one versatile cut in two fabulous colors.