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This before and after photo illustrates that our fit is more tailored and 
gives better definition to your shape.
Back view gives proof that LPD's can shape and contour any behind.
Seen here, our pockets are the perfect size and position for a great 
looking and fitting rear view.
A good fit is key for slimming and elongating the legs.
No matter how dark the denim is, an ill fitting tight pair of jeans can make 
you look bigger than you are. A good fitting pair of jeans tucks everything 
into place.
Love is a high waist denim that accentuates a woman's curves, slimming 
the waistline like never before.
The right pocket sizes and placement seen on our Love denim is a signature 
trait we carried over from our Inspire collection. It's the key to a balanced look.
A good fit is key for a trim figure. Baggy jeans can make you look heavier than
you really are. Look for a fit that hugs your shape, while still providing comfort.