Natalia Dondoyano
Natalia has always been involved with sports and fitness for as long as she can remember. She grew up playing club sports in tennis, golf, swim and basketball. As of 2009 she has been working as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor (AFAA) teaching formats such as body sculpting, boot camps, aquatic aerobics, and HIIT. TRX, Crossfit, and Yoga are other formats she is certified in as well. Health and Wellness has always carried important values that Natalia likes to emanate in her lifestyle. It wasn't until completing her yoga certification program in India where she found her calling. You can't begin to bring love and healing into the world without beginning with your inner self. Natalia received her BA in Anthropology from San Jose State Fall 2012. She believes in continuous education, always striving to better herself and encourages others to find serenity every day.
Aaron Loss
Aaron has been coaching in fitness since 2009 with experience in strength building, endurance training, and mobility practice. More recently he has realized that yoga is the perfect blend of all fitness styles to unite the body with the mind and completed his yoga teacher training in the Himalayas. When Aaron isn't practicing yoga or working on his mobility he is either hiking, cycling, reading, or playing his beloved video games. "Everything in moderation for a truly balanced life."His favorite types of movies and books are fantasy/sci-fi, and he enjoys instrumental music. Aaron is very approachable and is always open to any questions concerning the body and the mind. 
Monique Wright 
Over the past several years Monique has dedicated herself to the daily practice of yoga, which has transformed her life both mentally and physically.  Through Just Breathe Yoga Rivermark, directed and guided by Noell Clark & Angie Poon, Monique completed her 200 hour Hatha-Vinyasa certification and is a registered Yoga Alliance instructor.  She guides her classes with a humble and soulful heart that you cannot help but feel through her movements and artistic playlists.  Monique is excited to share her love of yoga with the community creating a mystical space for others to find their inner peace, strength and beauty.

Malay Hendricks
Through-out Malay's professional careers, she has always been conscious about health and wellness. It was not until earlier in 2015 she turned her passion into her career, leaving a well paying office job to build Live Lotus yoga studio with her partners. Yoga has helped her improve herself as a person overall. Furthermore, her practices has also helped her improve her relationships personally and professionally. She extends her gratitude and joy for the abundant benefits yoga brings her by sharing this practice with others.  
Mary Jane Aberin-Marchan

Mary Jane began her yoga journey later in life. Being a mother of two, wife, and pediatric transplant nurse had kept her preoccupied for the better part of a decade and well into her 30's. After noticing the natural changes that had occurred within her body and trying various modalities of exercise, she tried yoga and instantly became addicted. In the following years, she immersed herself into both self and studio practice, learning as much about body, breath, and mind integration as possible, ultimately becoming a 200 Hour RYT.  She now teaches to share the benefits of yoga to others.


Lacy Gandenberger

Lacy began studying dance at the age of three and knew it would be her life long passion. Her love of dance led her to study at Cal State Long Beach where she received a BA in dance, with a focus on studies in body alignment, kinesiology and performance. Lacy naturally fell into yoga because of the blending of precision, athleticism, and grace that dance and yoga both embody. It was natural for her to connect the body, breath, and mind together to form something beautiful, but also allow it to find a deeper and more peaceful sense of self. Lacy completed her 200 hour teacher training with Mark Stephens in Santa Cruz and shares her love of yoga around the Bay Area. Lacy's intention is for students to come to their practice to make their mind and body happy, and in turn take that positive energy off that mat into the world. In Lacy's class, students can expect to work up a bit of a sweat through playful sun salutations and challenging asanas, with a strong presence of the breath. Off the mat, Lacy is a professional dancer with a contemporary ballet company in San Francisco and lives days in the sun and good music. 


Moises Buhain
As a native southern Californian, Moises began his journey into yoga and self-discovery in 2003.  Initially, seeking a means to increase strength and flexibility, he found  that the moving meditation and the art of yoga bolstered a space for internal reflection that extended way beyond physicality. As a student Moises continues to explore the discipline of breath, consciousness, and movement. As a teacher, his classes are uplifting, challenging, and grounding. Off the mat, Moises firmly believes that our breath is the starting point in being the change we want to see in the world.  Outside of the studio he continues to serve as a positive change agent as a school leader in urban educational school reform. 
Rosey Gonzales
After beginning a daily meditation practice within the last year, Rosey discovered that creating a quiet time of centeredness was vital for her own health and well-being. With a drive to help others connect to their own inherent healing abilities and prompt non-judgmental self awareness, she began facilitating guided meditation classes that is paired with the practice of yoga. Her classes bring you into a relaxed and safe space that helps you reflect on what is important to you, while provoking you to connect deeper within.
Erica Johnson
In 2006 Erica Johnson moved to the Bay Area from her childhood home in Yosemite National Park. She found refuge in yoga after a severe knee injury in 2009 that took her away from her first loves; teaching and performing as a dancer. Movement and artistic expression through the body in motion has always been a large part of her spirit. During her recovery, Erica dove head first into yoga, falling in love with the power of the mind and body connection. She found she was doing things that her doctors had told her she most likely would never do again. Yoga healed her internally and externally, and since then she has worked hard to share her passion and love for yoga with everyone.
Mark Quijano
Mark is a very outgoing and energetic person who loves things that get him moving both indoors and outdoors: cycling, hiking, running, scuba diving, swimming, and anything beach related, to name a few activities. Mark discovered yoga  a few years back as a way to help him manage his stress.Completing his Power Yoga Teacher Training from Vibe Yoga in Redwood City under the direction of Jonathan Rickert, Mark is very alignment focused in his teaching, loves coming up with fun and interesting transitions, and loves further deepening his inversion practice.
Heidi Sloss
For decades Heidi told herself that she would return to yoga someday. Someday became the day she learned of her mother's Alzheimer’s diagnosis and was reminded of how preciously short life really is. Combining 30+ years of spiritual practice with the moving meditation of yoga, Heidi’s classes help focus the mind, relax the body, connect the spirit and open the heart. Heidi is a graduate of Noell Clark’s teacher training and is a RYT-200.
Brian Quoc Tran (Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus IX)
Founder of Awakened Conscious Collective, Hermes is a renaissance man, gnostic druid & esotericist who wields a compendium of records from the library of master key systems throughout the ages. As a Hermetic Adept of the Thrice Great work Hermes aims to unite Mind, Body & Spirit in the alchemical marriage of a complete mind, capable of transmuting the philosophers stone within man. Hermes meditation methods are very mechanically quantifiable and aligned with how the Eastern and Western channels within and without the human body flow and are formed. With a wide spectrum of wisdoms from the ages at hand, there is sure to be a solution for any inquiries that may arise.

“When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh lips to fill them with Wisdom”
The Kybalion