charity: water - Lotus Water for Life



Imagine living in a society without clean water. Water is a source of life that we are blessed to receive more abundantly than others. 

In our continued passion to do something meaningful for our world, Lotus Premium Denim introduces to you, Lotus Water for Life. In the next two months, we are starting a campaign to raise $5,000 to build clean water projects for people in need. 

After seeing the videos from charity: water, we know we can help make a difference in the global water crisis.The great thing about donating to charity: water is that 100% of our money goes directly to the water projects, and when the projects are finished, they'll show us the communities we've helped. A true fact: Women in Ethiopia spend 3-4 hours walking to a swamp or contaminated river to collect water for their families. As a result, sicknesses arise and sometimes death. With your help, we can help provide clean, drinking water to nourish the lives of many poverty-stricken families. 

Please join us in our movement to provide 'water for life' in countries that need it most.