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Lotus Premium Wear, LLC
Elaine Reyes
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
1.800.260.1451 ext. 701

Born to Inspire | Made to Fit™

A premium denim line committed to fit, function, and philanthropy 

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Imagine slipping into a pair of jeans that literally makes you smile; a fit so flattering, you would think it was custom tailored. Our company understands the need to discover the one pair of jeans that not only looks remarkable, but feels remarkable too. With careful attention to fit and functionality, our design incorporates pocket placements and a sweetheart shape that accentuates the back beautifully, with options of varying inseam lengths, that eliminates any alteration. We fulfill a need to those who are verified as a real and substantial market, women of average height (5’4”) with exquisite beauty. Experience how Lotus Premium Denim is made to fit and flatter your body the very first time.

A driving force of our organization is empowering women to recognize their own beauty. Women of the Lotus brand have a deep understanding of who they are. Just like a lotus rising from muddy beginnings into something beautiful, we too shall celebrate our journey towards purpose, self dignity, and inner strength. Lotus represents you, the individual that exudes effortless beauty and poise. The Lotus Premium label is more than a fashion statement; it is a statement of values. From day one, we are committed to donating a portion of our sales to benefit partnering charities that help and empower women and children. When you purchase from the Lotus Premium collection it announces your commitment to helping women and children thrive and lead better lives. The Lotus Premium Brand believes in quality, both for our apparel and for human life. Lotus Premium Denim’s Inspire retails at $129. Two washes are available in vintage and indigo blue with inseams of 28” and 30”. Each purchase is packaged beautifully with a limited edition and custom designed Lotus tote. For more information, please log on to or call 800.260.1451.

About Lotus Premium Denim
The Lotus Premium brand was founded based on one simple goal - to fit and flatter a woman's body the 
very first time. We are a women run company, committed to celebrating the beauty of women through our 
collection of great fitting jeans. We are extremely proud to develop a premium denim line that will clothe 
inspiring women all over the world.