Our Values

We are co-creators in this world.
Not one single idea can stand isolated and thrive.
Creativity spawns off of teamwork, community, and shared passions.  
Love is the building blocks and foundation of Lotus.
In every decision we make, in anything we create,
it must come from a place of love. 
We believe that done is better than perfect.
As long as we are evolving and growing through our experiences,
it will shift and shape us to better understanding, wisdom,
and compassion for not only ourselves, but others around us. 

We are all born to inspire.
Our stories, mistakes, triumphs, happiness,
and heartaches serve to inspire others in their journeys.
Embrace your weirdness.
The crazy ones who think they can change the world are the ones that do!
Have fun even when you fall.
Don't take it so seriously, and enjoy the ride!
Live your life in truth.
What you feel in your heart is what you must do in this life.
Authenticity is the purest from of expression,
and you will inspire others to do the same. 
Have faith in yourself and what you aim to accomplish in this life.
Never forget that without the mud, there would be no Lotus.
Even the mud has its' purpose.