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About Lotus Premium Denim: 

Established in 2011, the Lotus Premium brand was founded based on one simple goal - to fit and flatter a woman's body the very first time. We are a women run company, committed to celebrating the beauty of women through our collection of great fitting jeans. We are extremely proud to develop a premium lifestyle brand that will clothe inspiring women all over the world.
"In 2009, in the dressing room of an upscale boutique, I discovered a problem. On a mission to find comfortable jeans that looked great, were made of great quality, and that fit well, I was shocked to experience such frustration in the stack of denim in my fitting room that day. Standing proud at 5'2 and 1/2", I found the fit to be the biggest problem. The majority of big denim brands took a one-size-fits-all approach, leaving women like me with no options, other than to alter, hem, or wear jeans that simply did not fit well. I was inspired to solve this painful yet simple problem; create a denim line that fit average women just like me, beautifully. Led by curiosity and passion, I sought for guidance and knowledge from established denim designers, and started developing my first denim samples. After investing several years of research in the denim industry, sourcing an amazing denim manufacturing partner and pattern maker, and building a top notch team of women entrepreneurs with a zest for fashion, compassion, and creativity, I set out to create a premium denim brand that delivered an amazing fit and possessed timeless beauty. We are now a small, but growing business, designed in the heart of Silicon Valley and made in Los Angeles, denim capital of the world. It is our hope that when you wear our jeans, you are reminded of your own unique beauty. Like a lotus flower rising from muddy beginnings into something beautiful and remarkable, so is the journey of a Lotus woman." - Sarah Coronado, Founder & CEO



The Team: 

We’re a group of friends who’ve made it our business to design, create, produce, and offer the most comfortable fitting premium denim for women just like us. We’re go-getters, dreamers, mothers, daughters, but most importantly – we're doers. Just like you, our days are filled with demanding work and family life. We wear our Lotus Premium jeans to the office, while running errands, when picking up kids, and most definitely when relaxing with friends at home or out and about in town. We each have our own style and shape, so we made sure to design Lotus Premium Denim with our individual fits in mind; petite, curvy, slim, or athletic. Our goal is simple – we design jeans that are the perfect fit for the Lotus Woman. We work hard every day to make sure Lotus Premium Denim fits perfectly, and are the most comfortable and flattering jeans our customers own in their closet.



From April 3-May 3, 2014, Lotus Premium Denim is launching our very first Kickstarter campaign.


Customer Testimonials:

"Without hesitation, I can write they are the best fitting pair of skinny jeans I own."  - Tiffany Riggle (wife of actor Rob Riggle)


"Successfully re-inventing the style of classic designer denim" - Examiner


"These jeans are comfortable, slimming, and flatter your body, without any alterations needed" - Mode Bay Area


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Sarah Coronado
Mobile: (408) 307-2222