Malay Hendricks
Director of Studio Operations

Malay’s passion is to help heal people through health and wellness. She believes that the strength we showcase on our mats, can be applied in ours lives to achieve what we want.

Marie Coronado
Co-Founder & Director of Sales

Marie Coronado is a firm believer in divine guidance that nothing is impossible and that everything happens for a reason.


Sarah Chea
Founder & CEO

Sarah is the Founder of Live Lotus and Blooms Privé. She believes in innovation that serves a much bigger purpose. She's inspired to raise the vibration of love in everything she builds or creates.

Ayla Rose
Director of Innerstanding

Ayla brings and welcomes a full visceral expression of our human experience and is motivated by raw heart centered transformation. She believes in the power of doing inner work and is inspired to create experiences that honor a deeper innerstanding of ourselves and how it weaves within the greater tapestry of life.

Monique Wright
Director of Lotus University

Monique is excited to share her love of yoga with the community creating a mystical space for others to find their inner peace, strength and beauty.

Evayne Sanchez
Creative Operations

Evayne defines her style as, "An expressive abstraction of reality," specifically known as surrealism. Intrigued by the co-existence of dreams and reality, she found the style of surrealism as a primary approach to express her personal thoughts and opinions.

AJ Jimenez
Media Magician & High Vibrationeer

When he's not out saving the World, AJ provides new and original media for Live Lotus.
A generator of energy, love, and musical magic; he brings his most joyful and influential experience to this revolution we call Live Lotus.

Hermes HMTIX
In-house Magician

Founder of "AwakenedConsciousCollective", Hermés aims to provide humanity with the development of a complete mind. The journey of enlightenment through union of multiple systems of innerstanding throughout the ages is quested in the progressive studies and teachings of the internal and external reflection of the universe.

Mark Quijano
Data Master

Mark has been working in the software industry for the last 10 years as a Software Engineer and turned into Live Lotus' very own Fire Monkey Yogi. Falling in love with the practice so much, he recently decided to take a leap of faith to follow his passion by taking a break from being an engineer to become a yoga instructor as well. Mark helps to crunch our data as providing the team with insights.

MaxMS Onyx - the dog
(Former Sushi Chef in past life)

Coming from the Sirius constellation, Max aka Maximus Onyx, is the most friendliest dog of the Universe.
In his spare time he loves to meditate, take long walks underneath the sun, and uses his third eye to communicate psychically to cleanse auras and sends love to your higher self.