Testimonials for Ayla Rose

“From the first moment I met Ayla several years ago, I noticed a unique clarity in her sweet yet strong demeanor.  Her intuitive energy work is not only powerful but delivered in a way soft enough to embrace.  Upon our first encounter, Ayla did a reading for me that not only was relevant but also full of insight that helped refocus and further inspire the direction I felt my inner being called to move.  Ayla has a special gift to offer this world and I feel honored to have encountered her.”

~ Shannon 

“Ayla has shed light on some of my darkest situations. She makes astrology feel extremely practical while I’ve found other vehicles of intuition may make it feel out of reach or esoteric. Ayla meets you exactly where you are and acts as a guide to what you need but may not be able to see in that moment. Sessions with her have been, for me, life changing in that I see myself move closer to my truth after each conversation. I can feel a significant difference in how I feel and where I stand in my journey. Whether that looks like increased motivation, acceptance, inspiration or literal movement, whatever I need to peel back a layer has been provided with Ayla’s guidance.”

~ Victoria 

“Three words that come to mind for Ayla are love, authenticity, and truth. Ayla is someone who has provided so much rich guidance for me and has helped me grow personally and spiritually beyond anything I can fully describe. Her guidance and wisdom is something I fully trust, honor, and cherish. Whether it’s assisting me process emotions and situations in my life, encouraging and inspiring me to reach deeply into my power and connect with my heart, honoring my gifts, safely diving into the shadow areas, and coming out even stronger, clearer, and more alive. She is the embodiment of a sweet sense of truthful courageousness and what it means to live authentically and fully from the heart.” 

~ Chris 

“Where do I start? I will keep this as short as possible.

My journey with Ayla began back in 2016. For some reason, I was naturally drawn to her but little did I know my Spirit has already known her. After a couple meetings, Ayla reached out to me for a reiki session. About a year prior to that I only had 1 reiki session & was still unfamiliar with what it was I was dealing with. All I knew is that my human self was curious and searching for my path to know  Spirit.

 During our reiki session, I felt entirely comfortable and surrendered with ease. Though I had only recently began my own meditation practice, I was able to have visions and experience a huge release. After our first session, Ayla allowed me to express what I saw and felt and she shared with me her experience as well. As she explained, everything she said resonated with me. I remember feeling overwhelmed (in a good way) because it was like I knew all of this before… she was just helping reveal the truths I had “forgotten” about. From the moment we have connected, I recognized Ayla’s intuitive gift and also LOVE that fact that she respects boundaries. She has never once attempted to “read” my energy or provide healing without my permission.

 She does however happen to know when I need her most and always makes herself available to provide her services. 

The further we have journeyed together, the more open I have become to what she has to offer. During some of the most trying times, Ayla offered her numerology reports to me and shared some of her knowledge about angel numbers with me.

I have always been connected with numbers & loved math since I was a child and once I realized that they carry energetic vibrations, my life began to make sense. Ayla helped provide insight as to why I was experiencing my troubles (aka lessons). With her help, I was able to look at myself and patterns that I have created for myself. I love that she allowed me to determine whether or not these patterns work for me yet was also open to guiding me on how to change them if they were not aligned with the frequencies I was desiring. Awareness and acknowledgement (self-analysis) are the first VITAL steps to genuine change.

Our Spirits call for help when we need that external assistance and that is why I not only believe in but value the Spiritual gifts of those I am surrounded with. Souls recognize each other because they have crossed paths before and are a part of this continuous journey back to Source. 

I will have to admit that my favorite service of hers that I ask for more often than not is her tarot readings. Before we even start our reading, we laugh every time because we just KNOW there’s some juicy stuff that’s going to come up. I’ve honestly lost count of how many readings we’ve done because some are spontaneous & some are pre-planned. She has done readings for me in person & over the phone and all of them are always on point. Sometimes they are short & sweet and other times they are more in-depth. Nonetheless, they are always EXACTLY what I need in that moment. With her readings, most of the time I don’t like to have intentions/questions set (my personal preference) because I am ready to experience what this medicine has for me. Because of her intuition, I trust and surrender to what it is I need to see. Her readings always make it so easy to interpret the message I am waiting for.

Come to think of it, as I type this I think I’ll be needing another reading soon. A word of advice is to be sure to have a journal & a pen prepared to write what is being expressed/shared. I always reflect on my notes & gain more insight with my reflections as well. This also helps me have follow up questions for Ayla.

Since 2016, we have continued our relationship into sisterhood and she continues to love me and hold space while giving me room to figure out my truth. I cannot express how grateful I am for her presence in this lifetime. I highly recommend connecting with this goddess if you feel called to do so. Trust your Spirit.”

~ Angie

“Ayla has this profound ability to instill richness into her enchantingly thorough readings. She adds a sense of finesse, and whole-handedly makes sure you feel supported throughout the experience she creates. She’s very well seasoned, and channels her messages with honesty and full clarity. More so than anything, she Really Sees You and genuinely wishes to provide the insight necessary to help you upon your growth and journey.”



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