The Fit Details


Classic Cuts

Our design approach is simple – we create universally flattering patterns that complement a woman's shape, offering a leaner look for all body types.

Perfect Pockets

Our clean back pockets are strategically placed in perfect proportion and alignment, a visual element that lifts your best assets.

Sweetheart Yoke

We created our signature sweetheart yoke (the seam that runs above the back pockets) to form a wide, soft V shape, coming to a slight point over the back pockets. This is what helps boost your derriere, giving you a more uplifting look from behind.

Made to Fit

We understand that women come in varying shapes and heights. The Lotus fit is designed to complement a woman's shape as well as her leg length.

Premium Denim

We source premium denim from all over the world, with uncompromising quality. Your Lotus Premium Denim jeans are an investment in your closet, and we make sure this investment is well protected for years to come.

Born to Inspire

We are all born to inspire. When a woman wears her Lotus jeans, it is a reflection of her resilience, strength, and beauty.