The Team

Meet the Women behind Lotus Premium Denim

We’re a group of friends who’ve made it our business to design, create, produce, and offer the most comfortable fitting premium denim for women just like us. We’re go-getters, dreamers, mothers, daughters, but most importantly – we're doers. Just like you, our days are filled with demanding work and family life. We wear our Lotus Premium jeans to the office, while running errands, when picking up kids, and most definitely when relaxing with friends at home or out and about in town. We each have our own style and shape, so we made sure to design Lotus Premium Denim with our individual fits in mind; petite, curvy, slim, or athletic. Our goal is simple – we design jeans that are the perfect fit for the everyday woman.

We work hard every day to make sure Lotus Premium Denim fits perfectly, and are the most comfortable and flattering jeans our customers own in their closet.





Why Lotus Premium Denim? "My Lotus jeans are the best fitting jeans I own. I've tried so many other brands, but LPDs are the most flattering for my petite frame. Not to mention, the most comfortable jeans!"

What does the Lotus mean to you? "The Lotus represents strength and grace. I carry this symbol with me wherever I go because it reminds me to practice these virtues on a daily basis."

What's your inspiration? "My biggest inspirations are trailblazers like Somaly Mam, Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg, and Beyoncé, who have paved the road women entrepreneurs walk on today. And lastly but not least, my mother for teaching me true compassion."

What is your favorite piece of advice? "Do what you love. The rest will fall into place."






Why Lotus Premium Denim? "I love the Lotus fit! These jeans are comfy, sexy, and so flattering in all the right places. I literally can't leave home without my Lotus jeans."

What does the Lotus mean to you? "The Lotus signifies beauty born out of hardship."

What's your inspiration? "My inspirations are my two little girls. Through them, I see the world in a different light. There is so much beauty in life, and every day they remind me of this simple truth."

What is your favorite piece of advice? "Live and love life to the fullest. Doing what you love, it will never be called work."








Why Lotus Premium Denim? "I'm all about style with comfort, and my Lotus jeans are my everyday go-to jeans in my closet."

What does the Lotus mean to you? "The Lotus is a symbol of courage. It inspires me to always believe in my dreams and never give up."

What's your inspiration? "My biggest inspirations come from beauty, found in all things - fashion, faces, art, and nature."

What is your favorite piece of advice? "If you do what you love and love what you do, you'll never work another day in your life."










Why Lotus Premium Denim? "LPDs are sexy, even if you wear them dressed down. You can never go wrong with a pair of fitted, sexy jeans!"

What does the Lotus mean to you? "Lotus to me symbolizes true beauty. It is a reminder to me of how faith, hope, sacrifice, and strength all equal Love."

What's your inspiration? "I'm inspired by those that make it their business to be heard even when no one is listening."

What is your favorite piece of advice? "Love others as you love yourself."










Why Lotus Premium Denim? "When I wear my Lotus Premium jeans, it creates a feeling of happiness in me. My Lotus jeans give me a boost of confidence in every step I take."

What does the Lotus mean to you? "The Lotus represents resilience, simplicity, and true beauty. It is a symbol that exudes positivity, inspiring me to never give up and carry on."

What's your inspiration? "Women who use their beauty and talents for the greater good, and those memorable quotes that help me understand and get through life."

What is your favorite piece of advice? "Look for the good in all situations and never let anyone dictate your beliefs and values."