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Written Testimonials:

"I always have a hard time finding jeans that fit me. When I tried on Lotus Premium Denim for the first time, I was really surprised at how comfortable they were and how great the fit was!" - Victoria A., San Francisco, CA

"I have a huge bum, tiny waist, and I'm about 5'3". It's rare that I find jeans that fit my body type, without first having to hem or alter them. These jeans come in two different inseams, and the 28" inseam fit me beautifully. I can wear my jeans with flats or with heels, and it's still cute. I really love them!" - Paula Simmons, Burlingame, CA

"I'm so happy I don't need to take my LPD's to my seamstress. They fit perfectly, off the rack!" - Tamera Michaels, Fremont, CA

"They feel so comfortable and sexy!" - Penny Ly, San Jose, CA

"I love these jeans. They give me an instant butt lift! I'm not afraid to wear shorter tops and show off my behind in Lotus." - Sophia Castillo, San Jose, CA

"The length is perfect! It felt like it was custom made for me!" - Minika Esposo, San Jose, CA

"I love my Lotus Premium Denim! I love the fabric, the wash, and the way it fits me!"- Pat Biscocho, San Bruno, CA

"I can't wait! Everyone will be staring at the Lotus sign on my booty!" - Ana Mallari, Daly City, CA

"I am LOVING my first pair of the vintage wash. They fit so nicely that I literally wore them right out of the dressing room. You hit the mark!" - Diana Koeplin, San Francisco, CA

"It makes you have a butt!" - Deborah S. Craig, Beverly Hills, CA

"I really want to thank the Lotus Premium Denim girls" (After trying on the jeans) - Julianne Morris, Beverly Hills, CA

"I wanted to thank you again for your help in purchasing my new Lotus Premium Denim jeans. My husband and children wandered into your store June 11th and were greeted by you with a friendly approachable style. I appreciate your help in finding the correct size to fit my body. You knew they would fit and flatter. They did! I wore them out of the store and onto a 6 hour red eye flight home. That is a true testament to comfort! Love my new jeans...the only ones that really fit." - Lisa Conroy, San Francisco, CA

"What I love most about my LPD's is that it was the perfect fit the first time I put them on. I love how they're comfortable and make me feel sexy (especially after having a baby)!  My LPD's are so versatile - I love how I can dress them up or dress them down (casual look). I especially love the placement of the pockets (where it accentuates the best asset.)" - Juliet Fisher, Grants Pass, OR

"I LOVE my Lotus Denim Premium jeans so much! They definitely are very distinct and comfortable when I wear them. My favorite attribute about these jeans are the fact that they fit and accent my curves, unlike some jeans that can either be too tight or too loose. Thank you to the lovely ladies at Lotus Premium Denim, you girls have changed the game when it comes to jeans!!! I'm looking forward to the other styles :) Thanks so much!!!" - Stephanie Banner, Los Angeles, CA

"I got my jeans in the mail the other day and just wanted to let you know that I have been refusing to take them off and totally LOVE them!! They are awesome!! Thank you a million times." - Cammy Houser, Boulder, CO

"I love the durability, wash, and fit of my Lotus Premium Denim. Arguably more importantly, I love that the LPD team gives back to the charities I care about, such as City Year and Water for life." - Kristen Jezior, Los Angeles, CA

"Ladies! Your denim is amazing. My husband (Rob Riggle) was nominated for an MTV movie award, and I was lucky enough to receive my first pair of Lotus jeans at the gifting suite. They are outstanding! Without hesitation, I can write they are the best fitting pair of skinny jeans I own. Thank you again and again!!!" - Tiffany Riggle, Los Angeles, CA 

"I love all my LPDs, but Loves are my favorite. After having 3 kids I was just tired of those low rise jeans that everyone made because my body wasn't what it used to be, especially my belly. When I had my fitting with Elaine, I immediately fell in love with fit and material. I love Love because of the high waist and it flattens the belly area so I can wear more fitted tops. I also love the fact that it holds its shape. In my old pair of jeans, I used to have to wash them because they became baggy and started falling off, but not with my Loves. I've actually worn them more than a handful of times and NO saggy jeans here! I was so impressed with my Loves that I bought a 2nd pair! I wear my Loves with everything, whether it be flats, boots, heels, or tennies. I can't wait to see what other items LPD has in store for us.  - Candace Alcantara, Hayward, CA

 "I love Love LOVE my LPDs!! My butt looks great in them and I even got one of my besties to buy a few pairs!" - Jessie Martinez, San Francisco, CA

 "I love my Lotus jeans because I never have to worrry that the length is not going to fit, because I know it will. Ever since I wore my Lotus jeans, I never had to worry about sending them to the seamstress or anything. Lotus jeans are just simply the best!!!" - Allie Ngocchau, San Francisco, CA

 "I love my Lotus jeans. I was so excited to learn that I didn't have to worry about getting them hemmed. Also, I’m so glad to be able to have a pair of jeans that contours to the shape of my body. They are just simply irresistible, fit well, and looks great. By far, it’s my most favorite pair of jeans." - Mel A. Ramirez, San Francisco, CA

 "What do I love about my love my Lotus jeans? What's not to love!? My Lotus denim is hands down the most comfortable pair of jeans I own! Let me be honest... I have no butt...Absolutely flat in the back. That's not the case when I wear these pair of jeans. They give shape to one's body while giving extreme comfort. I honestly always get compliments about my Lotus denim whenever I wear them. Love the Lotus. Definitely can't go wrong with a pair of Lotus denim." - Geeta Singh, San Francsico, CA